The best of Frank Zappa

punknaynowned - 6-11-2010 at 19:06

Is this a cheap gimmick for ryko to cash in on the trendfollowers of best-of collectors and neophytes that clog outlet stores? Probably. Does it have any good music on it anyway? Of course, it's Frank Zappa. Is it really a best of or is that just hype? You'll have to find out somehow, you may as well start here. Is it worth my hard-earned dollar to find out what's going on if I haven't a clue? Of course, it's Frank Zappa. Should I waste any more time reading this review for such an anomaly as a best of collection of someone especially as far ranging and eclectic as Frank Zappa was? Of course not, Tery Gilliam wrote the ones on the liner for the cd. Go get it already!

BBP - 7-11-2010 at 12:07

Basically it's Strictly Commercial minus four songs. Unless you're a total completist, I'd leave it. Or you can buy it and use it for indoctrination practices.