EIHN - Incredible

Pappawas1975 - 27-10-2005 at 11:37

Whaddya all think of this album? I listened to this on headphones yesterday, hadnt heard it for a while, and its a great album.....Rolands Big Event / Strat Vindaloo is haunting, man, that really is Zappas last guitar solo ( that weve heard so far anyway ) and it is striking. Something about it sounds eerie. Great though, as is Shankar on that piece too. ( His "Touch Me There" album is worth picking up if you can find it )......Nap Time is another highlight for me too, incredible, add all this in with Amnerika and Master Ringo / Wonderful Tattoo and you get a really enjoyable album! For rehearsals and outtakes especially ( apparently just after EIHN was put together from a rehearsal reel by Spencer Chrislu, they found a completed, FZ finaly mix of all the music on EIHN. Sods law eh? Apparently there was plans to put it out, but we all know what the ZFT can be like )....

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Originally posted by James

EIHN - Everything Is Healing Nicely
December 1999

Library Card
This Is A Test
Jolly Good Fellow
Roland's Big Event/Strat Vindaloo
Master Ringo
T'mershi Duween
Nap Time
9/8 Objects
Naked City
Whitey (Prototype)
Amnerika Goes Home
None of the above (Revised & Previsited)
Wonderful Tattoo!

Isis - 27-10-2005 at 19:05

Originally posted by James

Everything Is Healing Nicely.

It's rehearsals for The Yellow Shark, and mostly unreleased material too. :)

Pappawas1975 - 28-10-2005 at 09:23

Cmon James! You surprise me! Having set up a Zappa tribute site and not being familiar with his catalogue is unforgiveable surely?.......!!!

Batchain - 19-12-2009 at 00:58

Hah! Although it's just an acronym for "Everything Is Healing Nicely" whenever I see it I call it "Ein", rhyming it with the German for "one", "a", "an" despite the "H" not found in that German word. It just sounds better.
My initial reaction to the title "Everything Is Healing Nicely" was that it was, because of the time of its release, a very sarcastic, ironic, angry expression of contempt Zappa had for the doctors who gave him repeated misdiagnoses, likely treated him for whatever they were and doubtless made him sicker with the "side effects" of the "treatments" for over eight years! (A likely scenario. UGH!)


polydigm - 4-11-2012 at 00:30

So, where are you Batty? I've seen you on, how about a visit here? I'm assuming you've figured out that EIHN refers to the stories about body piercing on the album?