The Real Frank Zappa Book

James - 4-10-2005 at 16:40

Great book, BUY IT! The only book about him, written by him he says. Very good read, extremely funny and interesting.

Pappawas1975 - 4-10-2005 at 16:42

I concur....

James - 4-10-2005 at 16:43

I just bought the book his sister, Patrice wrote called 'My Brother was a Mother".

Pappawas1975 - 4-10-2005 at 16:53

Worth reading? The last Zappa book I bought was Ben Watsons Complete Guide To His Music.....Not that great to the hardcore fan, but to the newbie, it might be worth reading. It is cheap too, thats why I picked it up. Also, The Negative Dialectics Of Poodle Play, also by Ben Watson is worth a read too, if a little self indulgent.....

BBP - 5-10-2005 at 22:01

Originally posted by James
I just bought the book his sister, Patrice wrote called 'My Brother was a Mother".

And? How's that?

James - 6-10-2005 at 09:54

It hasn't arrived yet.

Isis - 26-10-2005 at 22:42

Not only wonderfully insightful and compelling, but bloody hilarious too.

James - 31-10-2005 at 11:31

I read it, yes. It's good but not great. Thing is, it seems she's talking more about herself than Frank. She does talk an awful lot about thing unrelated to FZ... Last 2 chapters are v. sad though where she talks about the cancer.

Jakeobs - 16-6-2008 at 06:09

I'm a little over 2/3rd's of the way through it right now. Damn interesting and entertaining read.

BBP - 16-6-2008 at 07:19

I'm not sure about it... of course her pro-Nigey Lennon-stance has upset me enough to take a dislike to it...

Or were you talking about TRFZB? That's a fantastic read... first time I read it was before I got into FZ much, only 3 albums of which 2 compilations. Missed all the FZ references then, but loved it all the same.

Jakeobs - 16-6-2008 at 21:00

I was talking about TRFZB.

BBP - 17-6-2008 at 06:43

That's a great book, even when I read it for the 4th time...