Admin forumgone!

BBP - 16-3-2006 at 00:53

Deleted the Administrator forum. Mainly because nobody was using it anyway, it was just standing idle wasting space.
If anyone minds, please object!


DrIncluding - 17-10-2007 at 21:25

why didn't I found out before ? Looks pretty cool with that black background...

polydigm - 16-9-2008 at 23:32

What was this all about?

BBP - 17-9-2008 at 08:24

Once upon a time, this place had a special subforum for Goose-admins and mods only. As I was the only Admin (and Viv didn't do much moderating) I decided to clear that little section of discrimination. Apparently Cubie and crew weren't using it either, it had like 1 topic with 3 replies, and the topic was "Our own forum!"