Spam spam spam...

BBP - 22-1-2010 at 14:27

Due to the ongoing spam attacks, I've closed the sign-up of new members. Hopefully I will be able to open it soon, when the flood dries up. This forum is not well enough equipped to sort them out.

polydigm - 23-1-2010 at 05:32

Do what Cal does, sign people up on invitation only or get them to sign up via an email. I understand that you're still going to get spam emails but it may be easier to sort out email applications to join the forum than it is to clean up spammers who join up using an automated sign up. If email sign up puts anyone off, maybe they don't really want to join.

BBP - 23-1-2010 at 11:56

That should be Cal did, Unmoderated ceased to be several months back. My site got more traffic than his at the time.

It's what I'm doing now btw... I don't like it but the last earnest sign-up we had was from Flea, that was 10 months ago, and he's never posted.
It's very cumbersome to delete new accounts because you can only remove one at the time, and you need to enter the name in the Members box. You can't just click anyone from the list. So there's a lot of control and paste involved.

If there's three a day, that's very manageable. With 20 per day it is a downright bad way to start your internet session.

DED - 22-5-2010 at 10:15

Problem we had was that our main computer was turned into a zombie. You know that pop up screens that tell you to upgrade now or later. Sometimes they look awfully to very trustfull, and if you push later you stil have a problem because that is just the button they wanted you to press. So we had a file (program files/flock/uninstall/helper.exe
who was active only for a day or so. I had installed a new blog on our account internet wordpress. Our account is reasonable big hosting the goose, and many more. When BBP checked her website she get an 404 page and every entrance also the goose gave this 404. The main page showed a You're hacked page. In our hosting directory only some ten files where there all from the hacker, everything else was deleted. Together with the hosting company (I never had to restore) we deleted the Hack file and restored the original content. Fortenately Godaddy makes a back up every day and stall the last 30 days on line, so you can back up any time. The databases were still intact. That means the goose and 8 more. Only the program had dissapeared. After that everything was back and alive. Checking our computer with AVG had a result of 0 virusses but installing Ad-Aware and running it they found the spyware and deleted it. Further more I installed the latest version of FileZilla for security reasons. So we are clean at this moment, but you never can tell how often it will occur. It means also that we are planning to make a security update for the forum. It means that we copy the program and the database into packardgoose2. When that is running we can upgrade the main one. Hope we can do that quickly.

polydigm - 23-5-2010 at 01:24

Hey DED, I'm happy you have this as a hobby, because I really like this place. Thanks for all the hard work.

BBP - 23-5-2010 at 11:21

Actually I discovered it in a different way. I wanted to upload my pictures of The Quack, and when I had connected to the server in FileZilla I noticed all files were gone and replaced by the hacker's. I still have the NotePad file of the source I made. Roughly an hour before I discovered that, I had visited my website and found nothing was wrong with it.