What do you think of the site?

James - 1-10-2005 at 23:57

I'd like to know how you rate the site, if you wish to make a suggestion or submit a detailed review, please use a new thread in the appropriate forum, thank you.

James - 1-10-2005 at 23:58

By the way, I am not voting!

Fido3 - 7-10-2005 at 15:35

Can you enlarge the text,it's hard to read?

James - 7-10-2005 at 16:59


Pappawas1975 - 13-10-2005 at 09:57

It is a good site, but dont waste time reviewing the crappy un-approved compilations like CT, SOCT, Strictly, Best of....leave that to Ryko to cream over and concentrate on the real shit!!!

Pappawas1975 - 13-10-2005 at 11:15

You been here guys? ? A great site...

MrGreenJeanzz - 30-10-2005 at 21:03

No Other option? :puzzled:

James - 30-10-2005 at 21:06

Why would there be an 'other' option?

Penis - 30-10-2005 at 21:14

Why wouldn't there be?

James - 30-10-2005 at 21:25

Ha this could go on a while. Let me put it to you this way, I didn't see the need for one.

Penis - 30-10-2005 at 21:26

I do.

James - 30-10-2005 at 23:21

Okey dokey then, why?

Penis - 31-10-2005 at 06:28

Because you touch yourself at night.

James - 31-10-2005 at 16:20

Good enough for me!

Penis - 31-10-2005 at 17:18

Why didn't you add an other option?

James - 31-10-2005 at 17:33

I didn't feel the need to at the time. I can't edit the options now.

Penis - 31-10-2005 at 18:52

Then make a new thread.

mutronboy - 17-11-2005 at 14:51

Hoy James, good job on the forum site

What I like especially is the dark skin...for me it makes it easier to read

I think my eyes are going weird 'cos I can't handle the bright,
white forums...they give me a headache after a while

And I know the sun is definitely getting brighter...I can tell
Also, when I astral travel to the moon I can see that it REALLY IS hollow inside

Just thought I'd let you know...

James - 17-11-2005 at 16:33

Ok! There are different skins, you can change them in your control panel.

DED - 15-2-2011 at 18:11

From our premises we sometimes (and more often then we want) get a time out on everything that is hosted on
After refreshing it works quite nice. We have a lot of parties involved eg. our ISP and our hostin at godaddy.
In order to tackle the problem, I want to know if we are the only ones with time outs visiting the goose or

pls inform

punknaynowned - 16-2-2011 at 09:55

I don't think I have these problems, but I may not be sure what you say.
Maybe I do, when a page takes longer to load ... but I always assume it is the internet, or traffic somewhere as it is never really site specific. Sometimes google does that and that can't be right. Right?

polydigm - 17-2-2011 at 02:29

Quote: Originally posted by Penis  
Because you touch yourself at night.

Who was this guy? Seems like a bit of a dick. (ha ha ...)

MTF - 17-2-2011 at 11:28

I get occasional timeouts. They don't bother me. I just hit the retry button.

polydigm - 18-2-2011 at 08:13

Back on topic, I rarely get timeouts. Occasionally it's a bit sluggish, but mostly pretty good.

polydigm - 20-2-2011 at 03:08

That's funny, now that you're mentioning it, I have had a bit of trouble this weekend. Just now when I logged on, it seems the system did log me on but as the page was redirecting me to the index page showing me as logged on it timed out. So I tried logging on again and that's how I found out I was already logged on. Anyway, it seems okay now.