Review item in the index page (solved)

DED - 20-3-2006 at 18:26

Recovering the site I see that there is a lot of reviewing in the forum. Why should there be a seperate review in the main menu. Maybe it is simpeler to redirect reader to the forum where he/she can read al the reviews by our members.
Or something like that

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BBP - 20-3-2006 at 21:32

Reviews in the Forum? They're more like That's a great album, oh yes that's a great album. Writing a regular review could be more insightful, you could include information on the album which is not in the discography and such, explain references...

vivien_o_blivion - 20-3-2006 at 22:58

bonny i have reviews and pictures that james never posted if you want them__?

BBP - 21-3-2006 at 00:20

Yay! I'd love to post them!

vivien_o_blivion - 22-3-2006 at 21:58

Originally posted by BBP
Yay! I'd love to post them!

o.k i'll sort them all out and send them to you
have you got your p.g e-mail sorted yet--?

if not where do you want them sent to?

BBP - 22-3-2006 at 22:32

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DED - 18-10-2010 at 17:41

He forgot??? :forumsmiley103: