Closing Down...

BBP - 1-4-2010 at 15:25

Well, dear Goose friends,
Now that I often see I made the most recent post on the board... and that there are no new members, no active discussions, and barely any members showing up, I think it's time to call it quits and close this forum down.

I bought it back in 2005 to keep the nice and friendly community going. Now that this community has practically dissolved, I see no point in keeping this site alive.

By the way Aqua, your shoelace is untied.

punknaynowned - 1-4-2010 at 18:57

keep them laughing!!!
I am inclined to believe it is still April Fool's Day,,,
but if you are bowing out I wish you only the best.
I like getting holiday greetings from you
even if I never respond!
So keep in touch!!!
But slow down Bonny,
don't go too fast.
Thanks for sharing the story of your fall and rehabilitation too.
My hope is it helped you. I do the same thing, but then can't bear to go back to it and reread.
Notebooks pile up and get put into boxes.
Lists. Like your game strategies and so on.
For me it's a need to bring order to all the stuff I learn all the time.
I also like to think that in doing these sorts of things,
some other unexpected new thing will jump out or putting things side by side
will show things in a new light.
And I will discover something new I hadn't seen before that I can then learn about.
There's always more to learn.
hope to see you around

BBP - 1-4-2010 at 21:50

Yeah I've been pranking... looks like someone at fell for it too!

Huck_Phlem - 1-4-2010 at 23:50

Ok well I guess that is the hint to post more often.

BBP - 2-4-2010 at 09:55

Well yes... it's the only way to keep a small site alive!

polydigm - 2-4-2010 at 23:16

Closing down the Goose would be sad. Okay, I haven't been that active, but I do drop by consistently to see how everyone is. I've had 20 posts in the first quarter of this year and 61 in the last quarter of last year. I have to say, the main reason I like coming here is that there is no bullshit.

There was a period here when we had a bit more fun with those zappa song picture puzzles, but I had more time on my hands back then and probably should have been spending more time on my music. Anyway, I vote that you keep the place running. Heck, after this post I'll be on 453 posts and only 47 away from 500. Isn't that a mile stone?

BBP - 3-4-2010 at 08:51

Yeah! You'll have a different title by your 500th post.

aquagoat - 3-4-2010 at 17:07

ha, shit, my shoelace....

polydigm - 5-4-2010 at 01:57

454 and counting. Not that I'm chasing titles or anything, but I thought that even though I haven't got much to say, I shouldn't drop in without at least saying hello.

Hello!! :D

feetlightup - 7-4-2010 at 03:02

Hi everyone! Just thought I'd drop by and now I see Bonny might shut it down. So it goes.

Hey Bonny - I've recently become a huge fan of an old pop group from your country. I rarely hear or read anything about them, and I found them more or less by accident. Familiar with Earth and Fire / Jerney Kaagman at all? Jerney's my latest rock woman heartthrob.
Did I see her on "Idol" on YouTube (I guess it's the Dutch equivalent of American Idol? Just guessing here).

Anyway, that was merely an excuse to pop in and say hello. I've been getting most of my online forum kicks on lately. Because a man needs a hobby.

DED - 7-4-2010 at 09:11

Earth and Fire happens to be one of my favourite bands from 1969 till 1979.
Earth and Fire was based in my Hown tome Den Haag (The Haque).

On secondary school they always played for our school the latest album as try out. Apart from that I, ve seen them several times live.
First it was a "normal" beatband from beatcity no1 in Holland.
In 1969 they have had there first single in the charts. Seasons written by the famous tandem Kooymans/Gerritsen Writers/composers musicians up to now from the Golden Earring.

There was always a difference in albums and singles. The last ones they made only for the money in order to be capable to get on tour. Their first album Only contains hits and 3 minute songs
Seasons, Ruby is the one and so on.
The second album was a major change in their music with songs lastin 20 minutes or so about one theme.
The song of the marching children (from birth till death).
The album contains also Storm and Thunder with a large organ/mellotron intro.

Third album was about (and called Atlantis)
Then there was a change of bass player
Then they made a few albums in the new line up including
To the world of the future and Andromeda girl.
After that one of the two brothers Koerts left the band (to study music). While he was a very good composer and guitarplayer the band changes enormously. At that time The last hitsingle was Weekend (Recorded with the two brothers, but never played live in that line up. Apart from that is was the summerhit troughout Europe, Not in the last place by the looks and dress of Jerney back then.
After a while Gerard Koerts also left the band and the band stops.
Later on Jerney start up again but without the Koerts brothers it was only marginal.
In a recently book about the band The brothers complained about Jerney (she could not sing most of the time, thats why the y always play so loudly)
Jerney now has lifted up her face , too much and has some sort of a plastic face that cannot laugh)
Like one of their famous songs memories, Jerney will stay in the mind forever as the first playboy girl in the first dutch Playboy.
Never the less their music was great.

My all time favourite is the instrumental Last Seagull

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feetlightup - 7-4-2010 at 14:32


Thanks for sharing those thoughts on my new favorite band. I have all the material up through Andromeda Girl, but my favorite is still the first album, though I like them all to some degree. The singles are especially good - I appreciate that they were progressive yet always seemed to put the "pop" appeal first -- meaning, making it catchy was more important than making it complex.

I'm a little relieved that I wasn't laughed out of here. they were a guilty pleasure at first - my tastes typically go the Zappa route, where outright pop is viewed with suspicion - but I find myself coming back to their music again and again over the past year.

BBP - 7-4-2010 at 21:02

Well... to be honest Feets, your appreciation of Jerney Kaagman did raise MY eyebrows. Then again, you don't know her as the Dutch Simon Cowell.

feetlightup - 8-4-2010 at 02:44

Originally posted by BBP
Well... to be honest Feets, your appreciation of Jerney Kaagman did raise MY eyebrows. Then again, you don't know her as the Dutch Simon Cowell.

Funny, I know. I know nothing about her except for my accidental discovery of her records. I guess she's a celebrity of sorts in your country. A judge on Idol? That IS funny...

Yes, Feets has changed. I listen to Hall and Oates more than Zappa these days.:puzzled:

Well not THAT much. I still listen to plenty of weird stuff.

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MTF - 8-4-2010 at 05:21

Hall and Oates? That's just wrong...

punknaynowned - 8-4-2010 at 15:43

Hall and Oates were great in the '70's. Wonderful melody, really marvelous harmonies and crafty hooks. But by "Maneater"? = crap, they went sad around then.
I will go look up Earth and Fire...

I can't wait til Greasey Love Songs comes out. Ruben is still a fave.

feetlightup - 8-4-2010 at 20:31

Originally posted by punknaynowned
Hall and Oates were great in the '70's. Wonderful melody, really marvelous harmonies and crafty hooks. But by "Maneater"? = crap, they went sad around then.
I will go look up Earth and Fire...

I can't wait til Greasey Love Songs comes out. Ruben is still a fave.

I love "Maneater" too, oh well. Can't say I like everything they did, but most of their hits are quite solid.

They were the 2nd concert I ever attended, back in '82 or so (when "Maneater" was the hit single). My first concert, though, was a bit more to be proud of - Camel, in Copenhagen.

feetlightup - 8-4-2010 at 20:31

Originally posted by MTF
Hall and Oates? That's just wrong...

Be Strong
Be Wrong


polydigm - 9-4-2010 at 01:20

I don't think the idea of a pop song in itself is wrong, it's just that the vast majority of pop songs turn out to be shit. The motivation is all wrong, people that dream of becoming rich and famous and couldn't care less about the music itself and so on. Zappa wrote good songs because he was actually trying to write good songs. It's all in the lowest common denominator.

DED - 12-4-2010 at 23:14

In September the Goose exists 5 year
the domain is ours until 2012

aquagoat - 13-4-2010 at 19:21

until the end of the world ?:shocked:

Huck_Phlem - 23-4-2010 at 02:07

Originally posted by aquagoat
until the end of the world ?:shocked:

Ike is playing with ZPZ?