Putin's end may very well be in sight

Mij - 12-9-2022 at 23:30

Matter to rejoice today: the Russian's Army debacle. I picture Putin put to rout, forced to resign. I know that it's Russia and chances are good that another stupid hard-headed communist nostalgic dictator may replace him.
But then again, maybe not. This War costs a lot of money. Folks would surely want to go back to the lives they knew.
I wish for the return of a Free Press, so the folks back there would have a taste of Putin's medecine toward Ukrainians.
They may say like a certain raven... "Nevermore".

Anyway, today is time to rejoice...

Eddie RUKidding - 13-9-2022 at 02:08

Lets hope the war ends soon..............

Mij - 12-12-2022 at 06:50

Since last time I posted, things were not easy for that stupid fool. Nuclear weapons coming ?
"I hope the Russians love their children too"

Mij - 23-1-2023 at 02:37

West indecision about those tanks may prove Putin right. The civilized western World may prove to be too slow when it comes to defend their own regime...
I can't help but hope Putin's bad health rumors are true. Who knows ? He may die before we reach the decision that must be taken...

Mij - 2-8-2023 at 21:30

Thanks to Putin...
Ukraine has now a top-notch army
many countries filed and gained access to NATO
Russia is now considered as a terrorist nation
Russian's economy is going down

Putin is a world-class failure !
As such, I fear he may go the nuclear way.