Anyone familiar with...

wazoodust - 28-10-2005 at 19:54

The truly outstanding 54 hour long german epic heimat?

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jewish_princess - 28-10-2005 at 19:59

No not familiar with it because I would not have 54 hours spare to watch a film!

Check out Wallace & Gromit Wererabbit - much shorter and I found it real funny:biggrin:

wazoodust - 28-10-2005 at 20:04

I watched it in moderation, not 54 hours solid.

jewish_princess - 28-10-2005 at 20:08

Oh I see - so was it worth 54 hours of viewing?
What film genre does it come under?
Is it subtitled?

So many questions - so little time:biggrin:

BBP - 29-10-2005 at 16:19

Heard of it, can't find it, and no channel is showing it.

DED - 22-4-2012 at 15:24

The series (11 episodes) tells the story of the village Schabbach, on the Hunsrueck in Germany through the years 1919-1982. Central person is Maria, who we see growing from a 17 year old girl to an old woman, and her family. The family, like the rest of the German people live through the crises after WW-I, the rise and fall of Nazism and WW-II, and the rebuilding and the following prosperity of the village (as a symbol for the whole country) after WW II. And there is a series II .
Look slike an plain old soap. boaring