ThreeHeadedMonkey - 20-11-2017 at 16:58

Finally found the time to post something here. Hi, everyone! I'm a 27yo who discovered Frank's music at about the age of 17 and it never let me go. In everyday life, I'm a fairly boring individual who works at a cinema, but whenever I have the free time, I get lost in his endlessly fascinating musical universe. I also enjoy reading and hiking, whenever I can.

This place seems to have its heart in the right place, so hopefully we can inject some life into it! I'll certainly try.

BBP - 20-11-2017 at 17:45

Hi there, nice to see you here! How are you?

aquagoat - 20-11-2017 at 19:33

Hi, there. Welcome aboard.

polydigm - 20-11-2017 at 22:56


ThreeHeadedMonkey - 12-1-2018 at 09:24

Thanks for the welcome! Sorry for the late reply, life tends to be distracting... Plan to spend more time here, though.

I'm doing okay BBP, and you? I love Eindhoven, wonderful city. Although I've learned to stay away during karneval. You guys take your beer drinking (and drunkenly wrecking public places) a bit too seriously. :-)

Will be checking in more often.

BBP - 12-1-2018 at 10:18

There's a video of famous Eindhovenaar Lucille Werner, where she says:
"The most important gift I have is I can drink a glass of beer in one second."
Cue her downing a beer in one second.
"That's what you get from growing up in Eindhoven!"