Plook on Tour

Plook - 13-7-2022 at 23:49

I made it thank you Bonny for having me...:D

BBP - 15-7-2022 at 17:45

Hurray! Glad to have you here!

Plook - 16-7-2022 at 01:37

It's the First Goose Friday Night Jellyfish Honey Badger Wrestling Match...:shocked:

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Plook - 16-7-2022 at 01:40

TexTexTeThe Radio is Broken...:freak:xttt

Eddie RUKidding - 16-7-2022 at 08:51

Keep touring Plook

BBP - 16-7-2022 at 09:58

I've noticed that there are no previews shown of downloads anymore. The files are still downloadable, since they're animated best open them in a web browser. If you want to use an image, best use the img tags:

Plook - 16-7-2022 at 20:18

I was wondering about that Bonny, need to work on it...:D

No wrestling last night Kat came down with a cold so she stayed at her worships castle...:(

This morning my good buddy H-dog and his gal E got married I went to represent for Team Plook it was a wonderful setting at his brothers amazing home outside of town, very nice.

Now I need to go get me Lady and make her some soup and tea to help her along the road to recovery...:roll:

Eddie RUKidding - 16-7-2022 at 20:39

Is the soup good enough for the president :lol:

Plook - 17-7-2022 at 01:00

Plook Palace home addition

I bought steps for the pool tricky to find ones that fit and that is not a certainty yet...:shocked:

Plugging along though I need someone to come over to help with the final install in the pool keeping my fingers crossed...:drums:

Plook - 17-7-2022 at 12:34

Completed the Pool Steps project after about 3.5 hours, at one point I realized I needed sand to fill the sides to keep them submerged and had to buy of course a 40 pound bag of

Fortunately Kats daughter came swimming and had her fireman husband with her we had to make a lot of modifications for it to fit my pool but we got 'er done.

Headed golfing its the ungodly hour of 4:30 am I get up earlier on the weekend to golf than I do to work during the week for work and I need my beauty sleep...:roll:

BBP - 18-7-2022 at 17:34

Glad to hear the pool's doing well! I could really use one right now :D

Plook - 18-7-2022 at 17:39

Tee'ed off on the Golf Course at the butt crack of dawn had a very good round shot 39/41 for an 80 with 1 birdie, 8 pars, 8 bogeys and 1 double bogey...had 3 putts rim out so the potential for a 70's round was there...:grin:

Kat was still under the weather and headed home around 3 pm so she could get in bed she had to work today, her daughters family came over to swim, then Minnie and I had our lonely chicken dinner...:(

Eddie RUKidding - 18-7-2022 at 21:08

Your better at Gold than me Plook- maybe you should do a round with Alice :duh:

Calvin - 19-7-2022 at 00:29

I've been off of the Zappa forum for 2 or 3 months. I had to change my email address because the old one was spam bombed. When I changed it on the forum I had to wait for it to be activated. MTF and Polydigm both messaged Mikey to activate my account again, and nothing. MTF gave me the address to mail Mikey, and nothing. Maybe it was because he knew that it was going to be shut down. Or not checking his messages. Shrug. I hadn't been really active anyway.

Plook - 19-7-2022 at 01:26

Cal glad to hear from you my friend your answer a question thread delivered the most laughs per pound of anything on the Zappa Forum.

I don't know were Mikey stood on the shut down but he did reply to a couple of questions and one PM from me but then went dark, I never received a reply to two more PM's and to questions on the "Announcement" thread.

The great news is Bonny let use join her here on her little Oasis, I just have to get up to speed on how to fly this thing, I figured out how to write in I can't post an image if my life depended on

BBP - 19-7-2022 at 07:16

Eddie RUKidding - 19-7-2022 at 21:17

Here is a map of Eddie planned tour to Queensland from Cohuna Via Jayco Caravan and Tata Pickup :biggrin:
- leaving in 3 weeks with Mrs Eddie,+Victoria+3568/Sandstone+Poin...

Plook - 20-7-2022 at 18:31

I can see Eddie can't load an image either maybe Bonny could put together a step by step on posting images, just thinking out loud...:grin:

Kat is still sick she has had to take two days off so far, she is feeling better but this cold took her down negative for COVID is the good news...:)

Yesterday was the Tuesday from hell very busy and tried to do a final exam from a 32 course training, 60 very hard questions and I kept timing out and it would send me back several questions which was ok since I got an opportunity to get an answer correct that was wrong but when I finished and tried to get my certificate it timed out and sent me back to question 16...:swear:

Such is life...:lol:

P.S. I can't seem to choose from any emoji that isn't already in the window from my reply the others above even if I check the dot next to it will not load and I tried dragging them to the reply window and that wasn't happening any emoji training would be welcomed...:wow:

Plook - 20-7-2022 at 18:33

I see I got an emoji to load up by the date, now I am totally confused...:bouncy:

BBP - 20-7-2022 at 20:12

I just posted an image and it shows up as a cross. It could be a permission thing, let me see...
(if the picture shows up it's not permission)

(there is an emoji training in the Newbies section. If you click More Smilies on the left, they'll all pop up, there's lots :bald:

Eddie RUKidding - 20-7-2022 at 20:31

Good Kat does not have Covid- been lucky in Cohuna as me and Mrs Eddie have not got it yet - going for our 4th jab next week.

What are you studying Plook?

Plook - 22-7-2022 at 18:38

Eddie the test I am trying to finish is the culmination of 32 Training class's (about 20 hours worth) for the company I work for that cover work flow, financial structuring, project role out, data base management, forms, engineering documents, on-line tools, product ordering, material management and a host of mind numbing subject matter. It is easy to see why one would not want to take the 2 to 3 hour test again.

But wait there is more I also had to take another 16 for Safety (about 15 hours worth) for all sorts of possible injury threats fall protection, ladder safety, trench awareness, slip & fall, airborne pathogens, hazardous materials, electrical safety, lockout tagout, radio frequency safety, rigging safety, add nauseum with a 30 hour OSHA class still waiting in the wings to be taken.

But that's not it because as a Quality Assurance/Auditor II ranking I fall into 3 categories the previous class's covered Project Management and Construction Management but I also fall under Implementation Manager therefore I got the pleasure of taking 8 more class's for 5 more hours covering Leadership & Supervising which is what I call the Ra Ra Ra Kumbaya courses for leading through motivation, vision, inspiration, positivity, delegation, prepping your delegate, managing conflict, and my personal favorite emotionally intelligent leadership.

Honestly that last group were the most bearable and had some good stuff in them, they were interactive so by how you answered a question about a situation with various characters in them the training would follow the path created by your specific answer, if you answered differently the course would have different out comes it was very thought provoking.

My brain is bulging...:freak:

Plook - 23-7-2022 at 00:03

Kat made it back to work today she had a rough go of it with that cold, I am sure the ship will remained docked tonight and I will be cooking her some healthy healing food...;)

Eddie RUKidding - 23-7-2022 at 00:07

Quote: Originally posted by Plook  
Eddie the test I am trying to finish is the culmination of 32 Training class's (about 20 hours worth) for the company I work for that cover work flow, financial structuring, project role out, data base management, forms, engineering documents, on-line tools, product ordering, material management and a host of mind numbing subject matter. It is easy to see why one would not want to take the 2 to 3 hour test again.

But wait there is more I also had to take another 16 for Safety (about 15 hours worth) for all sorts of possible injury threats fall protection, ladder safety, trench awareness, slip & fall, airborne pathogens, hazardous materials, electrical safety, lockout tagout, radio frequency safety, rigging safety, add nauseum with a 30 hour OSHA class still waiting in the wings to be taken.

But that's not it because as a Quality Assurance/Auditor II ranking I fall into 3 categories the previous class's covered Project Management and Construction Management but I also fall under Implementation Manager therefore I got the pleasure of taking 8 more class's for 5 more hours covering Leadership & Supervising which is what I call the Ra Ra Ra Kumbaya courses for leading through motivation, vision, inspiration, positivity, delegation, prepping your delegate, managing conflict, and my personal favorite emotionally intelligent leadership.

Honestly that last group were the most bearable and had some good stuff in them, they were interactive so by how you answered a question about a situation with various characters in them the training would follow the path created by your specific answer, if you answered differently the course would have different out comes it was very thought provoking.

My brain is bulging...:freak:

Sh!t, my company could use someone like you.....
We are Cohuna's best kept secret- no we have not got a basement yet! :P

Good to hear Kat is feeling better
I currently listening to my recently purchased "in Adelaide" copy of Shut Up and play your Guitar (vinyl LP Boxed set) :shy:

Plook - 26-7-2022 at 00:11

Edie your company does some cool shit thanks for the link...:grin:

I have been pre-occupied for the last few days so I will give a little update, Kat showed up Friday night but we did a low key no wrestling thing, I made chicken noddle soup, chicken split breast, and a chicken salad since she was sick but it actually got me a bunch of

She had to babysit Baby J so she left early but I knew she wasn't feeling well because she didn't even grab a cup of coffee that I made and she is one coffee drinking Gal...Day, night, any time, even before bed...:shocked:

Saturday I broke out the pool rumba my sis sent me ( a very generous gift) I wanted time to read all the documents and take it apart and put it back together before I tried it. It kicks ass, it maps your pool and figures out the cycle time to clean it, it takes about two hours.

I did a bunch of other weekend things then whole crew showed up for swimming and Kat came back we had a blast...I had everyone in training for how to sit on a surfboard and paddle it was actually very funny they had a lot of bloopers...:D

Sunday I went golfing at the crack of dawn shot an 81 which is good but a few careless moves cost me a few strokes. The highlight was on number 14 a par 3 that is well protected by sand traps from the left front past the middle and the right side slopes away so even if you land on the right side of the green the ball tends to funnel off into the rough making for a tough chip shot. So I tend to assault the traps and club up to be sure I carry the sand traps but choke down a little on the club so I don't fly over the green into another set of trouble...well the shot landed on but I juiced it so it rolled all the way to the back of the green and the pin was in the front leaving me about a 70 foot putt, which I sank for birdie the guy tending the flag literally had his jaw drop when it went in...:lol:

When I got home by 10 am with an early lunch from Antonio's and a Starbucks for Kat and I, we just kicked all day and watched some TV she needed the rest and actually so did I...:)

Eddie RUKidding - 26-7-2022 at 04:27

Nice one Plook good to hear -keep on Touring :mad:

polydigm - 26-7-2022 at 12:50

Image posting is exactly the same as at You need an image url, then you place it between BBCODE image tags [img][/img]. Bonny hosts her own pictures and so do I, so it makes it easy, whereas many places on the Internet don't like you bumping their image links.

Plook - 26-7-2022 at 18:11

Good stuff Poly and need my images I am nothing without them, I host all my own stuff on Photobucket, but the other stuff I grab on the internet and 90% of the time there was no issue posting them on the Z Forum...lets give it a go.


Attachment: Cap_212.jpg (99kB)
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I don't get it...:swear:

Eddie RUKidding - 26-7-2022 at 21:32

I'll give it a go



Plook - 26-7-2022 at 22:00

Eddie we must be dinosaurs...:puzzled:

Eddie RUKidding - 27-7-2022 at 03:56

Agreed :biggrin:

BBP - 27-7-2022 at 06:40



BBP - 27-7-2022 at 06:41

ok there we are, make sure it ends on .jpg or .png, the scaling doesn't work.

And be sure that the "turn BBCode off" box is unticked.

Plook - 27-7-2022 at 20:27

Thanks Bonny what about hosted pics & gifs from the internet like my Pirate Ships...:D

BBP - 27-7-2022 at 21:07

Try them out, experiment... if you go wrong you can edit or remove your post ...:forumsmiley293::forumsmiley62::forumsmiley412::forumsmiley236::guitar:

Eddie RUKidding - 27-7-2022 at 22:13

Trying again :cool:

Plook - 27-7-2022 at 23:23

Eddie Success!...:guitar:

Eddie RUKidding - 28-7-2022 at 03:52

Thanks Plook, I finally got there- needed to insert [img] before image and [/img] after

Plook - 28-7-2022 at 23:17

I can't get it to work or even get ride of what I tried to add I am a complete idiot...:duh:
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Plook - 28-7-2022 at 23:26

So we will do it in big blue cause I can do

Kat came over last night what a turn around she looked good and was in great spirits, so much so let's say we had a full camel...:guitar2:

The Daughter Plook the Younger had to fly down to So Cal Terri's dad isn't doing well he is 86 and is battling cancer...:(

Work is on fire this 5G thing cannot be stopped and our company reported they have 6G solved but we will have to wait and see, all I know is we are slammed and they are considering adding more Quality people if they do I hope they bring in someone I get along with because we are a very small group so it's like roommates and if you get one that is out of sync it can cause a host of issues.

Well back to the salt mines have a couple hours to go...:umm:

Eddie RUKidding - 29-7-2022 at 03:41

Back to the Salt mines here too :freak:

Plook - 30-7-2022 at 01:26

It's Friday Night :guitar:

Image a Pirate Gal well armed and a Pirate dude that looks like I may surf next a awesome Pirate Ship in a way cool location and of course a Jellyfish wrestling a Honey Badger...and away we go...:guitar2:

Eddie RUKidding - 30-7-2022 at 08:32

^ LOL go Honey Badger :cool:

Plook - 30-7-2022 at 20:45


I do not understand what I am doing wrong???

I followed the instructions is there a button I need to click BTW I have to copy and past in these [img] they do not show up in the reply window when I click on the them even though it says off to the side "[img] Code is On" I also tried the bottom where it says "Choose File" but it will only allow me select a file from my computer not a "hosted" file, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Eddie RUKidding - 30-7-2022 at 21:38

I'll give it a go :mad:
PS it needed a [/img] at the end

Plook - 30-7-2022 at 21:44

Oh snap thanks Eddie!

It's on!

Eddie RUKidding - 30-7-2022 at 22:36

Well done Plook :cool:

Plook - 2-8-2022 at 00:40

The weekend went really well Kat is all the way back to her energizer bunny self we set sail Friday and actually stayed up a little later than usual since you baby sits on Saturday (Baby J is cutting in on my action) and I had a list of stuff to do around the grounds of Plook Palace and hit the pool for a few laps...:bouncing:

Kats daughter (TODP) relieved her early so we had a nice dinner and watched a documentary about some horrible police work and it got her ramped up because she hates lying cops because she was married to a good Sheriff (people would request him when they turned themselves in or they would not come in willingly)...:shocked:

We hit the hay early since I had to get up at 4:30 am to go golfing which was excellent, the weather was good but the wind kicked up on the back nine but I was on fire shot 79 with 1 birdie, 10 pars, 6 bogeys and 1 double bogey...I played 10 holes in regulation that is a huge stat...:roll:

I was home by 10 am and brought something to eat and watched some stuff on TV then she went to get her feet done and we kicked it when she got back and had a tour of Italy dinner, she goes home early on Sunday because we both need to be ready for our work week, we are definitely worker bees...:D

Eddie RUKidding - 2-8-2022 at 04:12

I went to a pub on Sunday at Gunbower - a place we usually go (me & Mrs Eddie) to hear a blues band but after we had our meal I encouraged Mrs Eddie to hit the road cause the Lady singer of the band looked like a full on old witch and I did not want to hear what was going to come out of her mouth ............:D Reminder me of a real life Camarillo Brillo type thing :D

Plook - 3-8-2022 at 00:28

OK I had to take a final examine for all that Construction/Project Management training and it was a bear, 60 in-depth questions that took about 2.5 hours to complete after 3 restarts because I had some technical difficulty. I passed with an 87% in a test you had to at least score 80% so slide in to home, I am a happy guy...:D

Now they have me taking a 6 hour training for Private 5g Networks which was assigned to me by a Director so I can participate in some early trials I believe the first one is with Verizon. The training is ok but most of our training is normally real quality video training (we have our own Production company) but this one has a lot of reading which is the kiss of death for tired old man...LOL...:lol:

Girls came by and cleaned the house it was TDPTY and TODP, I had another tree branch break on the peach tree there were a lot of un-ripened peach's dropped I threw out one 5 gallon bucket. The girls broke everything down and thrww it in the green can then I cut up what was left with the chainsaw, have a second 5 gallon bucket full of peach's I want to see if they will ripen...:cool:

Peach's is one of Kats favorite romance songs...:biggrin:

Eddie RUKidding - 3-8-2022 at 04:04

well done on the test Plook :bouncing::bouncing:

Plook - 3-8-2022 at 17:22

Today is Wednesday so I get to see Kat tonight, woohoo...:bouncy:

Plook - 4-8-2022 at 21:27

Kat came over about 7:45 we had a couple of libations I made dinner and we were watching some TV and we both fell asleep...what an exciting a couple...:lol:

Plook - 6-8-2022 at 01:29

It's Friday time again...:D

Eddie RUKidding - 6-8-2022 at 02:15


Plook - 6-8-2022 at 16:56

We had a successful voyage last night...:cool:

Kat had to go to the East Bay for a hair day with her mom they enjoy the time together so we had an abbreviated Friday night for an early wake up...:D

Since her daughter TODP had to watch Baby J I am on soccer mom duty driving granddaughters around to their appointments today...:roll:

Well off I go to my first drop off...:drums:

Plook - 8-8-2022 at 19:49

Weekend went well all that girl ride thing was something else no wonder the moms are drinking a lot...:lol:

We kicked it Saturday Night I made chicken and vegetable skewers with Anti-oxidant vegetables and and an Italian antipasti salad...:cool:

I got up early Sunday and hit the golf course played well shot 79 again with 10 pars and 8 bogeys I'm playing over my head but that's good, we hit the pool in the afternoon with some good summer music it was nice...:D

Then this morning I was trying to log into Teams for an early meeting and it would not open so I did a restart and zap my screen went dark and was flashing uh O...I get a message on my phone from Internal corporate that world wide anyone who did a restart on their computer was getting a blank flashing screen and do not restart your computer, this potentially affected 100,00 employees...:mad:

It took a while but they figured out a hard reboot would fix it so I am back in the game thank god I didn't loose anything that I can tell so far...:grin:

Eddie RUKidding - 8-8-2022 at 22:06

Will watch out for that head boot, was it made of leather :D

Plook - 8-8-2022 at 23:24

Snake Skin...:lol:

Eddie RUKidding - 9-8-2022 at 04:07

I'm guessing that it was too tight :lol:

Plook - 10-8-2022 at 19:43

Hopefully things will get too tight tonight because it's Wednesday and my Gal is coming over for Hump Day...:bouncy:

Plook - 12-8-2022 at 17:25

My peaches should be ready next week...:)

Plook - 13-8-2022 at 01:38

It's Friday Night Jellyfish Honey Badger Wrestling the Petite Version (we both have stuff to do tomorrow morning...:offtopic:...but I digress...;)

In this corner we have a Gal that leaves no weapon behind...:lol:

In this corner a Guy that spends entirely to much time on his abs...:D

Place your bets...:drums:

Eddie RUKidding - 13-8-2022 at 22:28


Plook - 16-8-2022 at 00:08

What a jam packed weekend, Kat babysat Baby J Saturday and I was running around getting stuff done, worked in yard, did a pool once over and filter swap.

Sunday morning I was up before the butt crack of dawn to go golfing had a decent score (82) but I didn't play as good as I have been it was hard work to scratch that score out and I was actually physically soar afterward quite a work out.

Then in the afternoon we had all the girls over to swim and have a BBQ, needless to say I was out before 8 pm I was totally cooked...but we had a blast!


Plook - 18-8-2022 at 00:41

It's Wednesday and time to get the Camel Tow moving...:guitar2:

Plook - 19-8-2022 at 01:35

It's Plook on Tour Randomonium Thursday...:drums:

Plook, E, and H-Dog at their wedding (Kat was sick and could not be there)...;)

Minnie thinking “It’s 104 and I can’t take my coat off"...:rolleyes:

Friday full Moon getting caught in a dream...:wow:

Friday Night Lights extra point score if you find the Moon in this picture...:duh:

The Pool steps I installed in the Pool (It was a big project major MacGyver to adapt them to my Pools slope)...:bouncing:

Pool Rumba doing its thing, love that bad boy...:cool:

Morning Sunrise at the Golf Course...:biggrin:

The new and improved Plook dropping the pounds...:guitar:

Ray of light...:grin:

Kat conquered sitting on the surfboard much harder than it looks a lot of young-ins’ couldn’t pull it off...:bouncy:

The girls have been painting rocks pretty good...:D

This one is a probing design...:lol:

Stay tuned for more Plook on Tour...:cool:

Plook - 20-8-2022 at 00:30

It's Friday Night, Friday Night at last...:bouncy:

“A ship at sea
That give me

For at sea
Is where I want to be

A ship at sea
That is what will save me”


Plook - 21-8-2022 at 19:30

Heading to Half Moon Bay for Kats daughter TADP for a Vows Renewal, the whole blended family will be there and I am the Preacher....:D

Eddie RUKidding - 22-8-2022 at 00:30

But are you the son of a Preacher Man :bald:

Plook - 24-8-2022 at 00:02

We made it back ok, tomorrow is Kats Birthday, more to follow...:)

Plook - 24-8-2022 at 23:59

It's RG Kats Birthday!...:bouncy:

We will be having a Camel, Zen, Pirate Party...:roll:

Oh Yeah Happy Birthday Kat Rock ON!...:guitar2:

Eddie RUKidding - 25-8-2022 at 01:11

Happy Birthday:cool:

Plook - 26-8-2022 at 18:03

The big Camel, Zen, Pirate Birthday for Kat went well, her daughter brought over a home made banana cake that was excellent. I gave Kat a Zen birthday card, some shower bombs (they create a aroma therapy while showering), a set of Zen candles that she really liked, and the book Siddhartha which I think she will enjoy...:)

Plook - 27-8-2022 at 01:13

The Sun Sets on a long week at sea, but on Friday the Pirates play and dance as they sing the night away...:D

Plook - 31-8-2022 at 00:57

It's a sad day for Plook on Tour

We lost Jim...:(

One of the people I grew up with in our massive horseshoe with a cul-de-sac neighborhood that was 50 kids strong...:bouncing:

The Hood

A super nice guy about 6'3" not a mean bone in his body an accomplished construction worker from a very young age (Journeyman by 18 years old), we built a skateboard ramp that came out awesome in 1977, just a really good guy, we reconnected at my Moms memorial in 2019.

Some of the Hood 2019

We skateboarded together, surfed together, and performed all sorts of hijinks...One of our big ones was the Rocketship Gumball Machine hist, when we stole an awesome Rocketship Gumball Machine from a super market in broad daylight and got out clean.

Rocketship Gumball Machine

We got about $10 out of it big time money for 1976 but the highlight was the contest to see who could get the most gumballs in their mouth...LOL...I won with 60 Jim and Steve came in a close 2nd with 58 I just waited until they gave up and grabbed 2 more...Even crazier we made a giant ball out of the chewed gum and put it on top of Steve's neighbors light pole and it was there for over a decade, I think everyone thought it was an ornament...:lol:

Jim on the left with his younger brother Jerry

Gods Speed Jim will see ya on the other side...:cool:

Plook - 1-9-2022 at 01:45

Hush my darling the Camel sleeps tonight...

Plook - 2-9-2022 at 17:17

It’s a Plook on Tour bring back the Joy

The Half Moon Bay Wedding Vows Renewal

Kat’s daughter The Adopted Daughter Plook (TADP) renewed her vows in Half Moon Bay two weeks ago let’s see the highlights with Factoids included…:grin:

Location, location, location Poplar Beach Half Moon Bay...:cool:

Here comes the Bride TADP with Kat and her brother as escorts…:bouncing:

Factiod: The stairs were a challenge!

Preacher Man…;)

I steeped aside so they could read their personal vows to each other…:-*

Kats stepdaughter and The Daughter Plook the Younger (TDPTY) she’s our football buddy…:bouncy:

All the Ladies, Girl Power!...:guitar2:

Factoid: The point in the background on the right is Pillar Point aka Mavericks one of the premier big wave surf spots in the world.

The after dinner…:)

Factiod: The bill was over $1600.00…:shocked:

Kat & Plook, Kat looks banging in that dress…:biggrin:

Factiod: The picture of the monkey in the background is from the Inca Roads in Peru…

Kat and Izzy she is growing up fast now…:crying:

What the heck he went golfing what’s wrong with this guy…:guitar:

The course was built in 1932 and has some amazing tree’s the Cypress Beach Pines can really grow in some unique was Kat could not get over this complexity…:cool:

This bad boy is a 4 foot tall Blue Heron that stopped play well everyone basked in his glory…:wow:

That’s all folks!!!

Plook - 3-9-2022 at 05:00

The ship is anchored

But the party is on the dock....:guitar:

Plook - 7-9-2022 at 01:13

It’s a Plook on Tour How Hot Can It Get...:singer:

It all started last Thursday when it hit 102 degrees 103 Wednesday but it cooled down to 101 Thursday…:wow:

Friday it jumped to 106 then Saturday it reached a whooping 115, I went golfing Sunday at 6am and it was 75 when I was driving to the Golf course…:duh:

By 9:30 am when we finished it was 95 degrees it hit 115 again…:shocked:

Monday was a Holiday so I decided to golf again, we teed off at 6:40am it is was already 79 degrees and nearly 100 degrees when we finished at 9:25 am, it only reached 112…:rolleyes:

Today it is 114 with a crazy forecast that doesn’t get below 100 degrees until Saturday, thank God we have an outdoor concert that night…:grin:

Stay Cool...:cool:

Plook - 7-9-2022 at 03:16

Update today actual topped off as the hottest day ever recorded in the Sacramento area 116 degrees it broke the 1925 record...:shocked:

Plook - 8-9-2022 at 01:19

It's Wednesday and the Camel is trying to stay out of the Heat fortunately it was only 108 degrees today...:lol:

Plook - 9-9-2022 at 17:06

The Heat Wave Sunrise from my street and backyard...;)

Plook - 10-9-2022 at 01:38

Arr me maty's the ship stays docked tonight...:wow:

Though we may frolic in the dingy...:shocked:

Tomorrow night we go see the band Chicago and it gets better at a Casino...:bouncy:

Plook - 12-9-2022 at 19:35

The Chicago concert was excellent, while I had high expectations coming in they exceeded them tremendously...more to come...:)

Eddie RUKidding - 13-9-2022 at 02:09

sounds good

Plook - 14-9-2022 at 01:25

It’s The Plook on Tour Chicago Concert Adventure…:guitar:

We met up with the Crew at the Express Green Hotel, Plook, Kat, E, & H-dog…:bouncing:

The Lady’s ready to rock Kat & E…:guitar2:

We had good sets and the outdoor theater at Thunder Valley Casino is a good venue…:grin:

The band had founding members Robert Lamm (Keyboards, Guitar, singer, writer), James Pankow (Trombone, writer), Lee Loughnane (trumpet, singer, writer), Walter Parazaider (Various Sax, Flute, Clarinet)… Ray Herrmann (Sax) Played with Chicago since 2005, Walfredo Reyes Jr. (Drums & Percussions) Played with Chicago since 2012, Neil Donell (Singer) Played with Chicago since 2018, Loren Gold (Keyboards, Singer) Played with Chicago since 2021, Ray Yslas (Percussions) Played with Chicago since 2021, Eric Baines (Bass) started this year with Chicago, Tony Obrohta (Guitar) started this year with Chicago…:)

The Flute Solo on “Color My World” my Senior Prom song…:wow:

We found a spot on the side where we could dance…:roll:

The crowd was loving it…:drums:

We rushed the stage like teenagers during “Saturday in the Park”…:lol:

The Encore was “25 or 6 to 4” and they blew the roof off…actually it was outdoors so no roof, just imagine a band jamming at their best without a roof it was awesome…:cool:

Then we went in the Casino…:shocked:

To be continued….:freak:

Plook - 15-9-2022 at 01:47

It's that time again but we need to take it slow our teenage lifestyle is not working so well for our ancient artifact bodies...:lol:

Plook - 17-9-2022 at 01:28

Arrr, matey’s, Avast Ye come Monday morn it be International Pirate Talk Day…:bouncing:

Now on night we be carousers with belly full of grog three sheets in the wind, a chanty on our lips me hornswaggle the wench’s booty with fire in the hole me have my hands full with her plunder she be ready to do battle…:shocked:

I best prepare for the Jellyfish Honey Badger Wrestling…:bouncy:

Eddie RUKidding - 18-9-2022 at 00:13

Watch out for the JFPCA :biggrin:

Plook - 18-9-2022 at 01:03

My interest is peeked JFPCA???:puzzled:

Eddie RUKidding - 18-9-2022 at 05:14

JFPCA- Jelly Fish Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (or parts there of) :D

Plook - 19-9-2022 at 23:06


Now that was funny!!!

Plook - 20-9-2022 at 01:07

It's a Plook on Tour Alert!!!...:wow:

Tomorrow is the Big Pink Floyd Roger Waters Show...:shocked:

I bought these tickets in February 2020 over 2 1/2 years ago...:guitar2:

It's in the round we are in Row D of the riser stage front left where the arrow is...:)

Stay Tuned...;)

GrayGhost - 20-9-2022 at 08:36

Hold on to your hat.....That's going to be a hell of a show.....

Plook - 20-9-2022 at 14:35

Now seeing you here almost made me hit the floor how are you a nd the little lady doing?

GrayGhost - 21-9-2022 at 09:08

Ahhhhh young Plook, during the two Months of radio silence, I was periodically perusing the Goose,
keeping abreast of the comings and goings,
whilst occasionally spamming the community button over at

In a lame protest at the "shut down" FZ was entirely dropped from the in-cave
playlist, (that'll show em!) and replaced almost exclusively with a steady diet
of Black Sabbath and Roger Waters.....

Before I could reach for the noose 'n' razor blade combo, the little woman
intervened by buying me a copy of Zappa Erie.....
(which I secretly own via the I buy it give it to Joe 90 who loans it to me forever ruse).....

I e mailed Bonny and, after the usual checks with Interpol, I'm joined.....
and I might have hijacked The infamous "what are you listening to" thread.....

Frank's back on the playlist and I'm lovin' his new album.....

The little woman was obsessed with the death of Queen Elizabeth II,
usually not big on screen time she was now tearfully glued to the 24/7
coverage with bursts of The Crown dvd's that her friend loaned her, ages ago.....
mmmmm those two could be up to something.....

Once the live coverage had largely ended so did the TV, and the wee one
seems noticeably brighter mood wise, I'm guessing there was a little suppressed Cookie grief involved,
so all in all the Queen is dead, long live the King.....
(who's advisor during his mid forties was an ancient elm tree he named Nigel in London's Royal Botanical Kew Gardens,
but that's another story)

and on that note, what is the per post character limit on the PackardGoose?


Plook - 21-9-2022 at 20:43

Gray you always deliver, please give the little lady my fond hello’s.

Here in the US the Queen was wall to wall for 10 days, I know more about that woman than I ever should. I must say that some of the things I learned were quite entertaining so it was not all for not...;)

As to Rodger Waters Pink Floyd I will need to put something together, Kat and I traveled with my long time Nor Cal friend H-Dog and his extremely funny wife E…We had a glorious time but it will take minute to put something together especially since I have the pay back double for a day off to refund at work and tomorrow is my B-Day (Bought the tickets for my B-day in 2020…:shocked:). In the meantime here is a quick round-up of the events…:singer:

It was amazing if I had not seen the show in 2018, I would say best ever, but do not get me wrong the show in the round was great also.

Giant flying sheep and pig almost close enough to touch, massive 4-sided shadow box above the stage that nearly filled the stadium showing videos as clear as possible with live shots intermixed with preselected visual, and long walkways on 4 sides that came all the way out to the riser on which different performers rotating around the stage would regularly walk out on including Rodger.

After an intense instrumental of sound and sights they transitioned into Comfortably Numb for the opener! He almost played the complete The Wall album, then a large selection of Welcome to the Machine with Shine on You Crazy Diamond being sung by the entire crowd!

He also interspersed some of his solo stuff along with rare old songs from the late 60's and early 70’s, also many selections from Animals as well as Dark Side of the Moon.

It was all that and a bag of chips with a lot of intimate moments where he went into great detail explaining his music, the idea was to think of it as a bar setting where we were all having a pint together listening to and playing music, it worked by the crowds overwhelming reaction...BTW their sound system was unbelievable the road crew has 140 riggers to set it up for each night, he said they were the equivalent of a huge giant traveling circus...:roll:

GrayGhost - 21-9-2022 at 23:55

Oh man, sounds excellent, I've been checking out the clips on youtube the show looks amazing.....

Every time I get to see Pink Floyd (whomevers version) I come away thinking
that's as good as it gets, next time you come away with a tan from the lighting,
and coincidentally Halley's comet is clearly visible glinting beside the stage,
they'll never top that.....Then there was The Wall, and not only but also
so close to Snowy White and his goldtop, well that's that then.....
Next time you're inside a hologram of the Battersea Power Station
having an out of body experience (I almost went for a drug test after that one).....

I've been informed by Eugene (international roadie of ill repute)
and usually 100% on concert info, that there are plans in the works
for an Australian or Australasian tour.....we can only hope.....

Plook - 22-9-2022 at 23:55

Gray, Kat read your post last night when she came over for the Petit Camel and she had moments of equally laughing and crying she loves you my friend from afar.

Now I have to go celebrate my Birthday ....:guitar::guitar2::drums::singer:

Plook - 23-9-2022 at 00:12

Kat and I get a bonus night for my B-Day...:shocked:

We are going with Thunder Thursday...:drums:

Eddie RUKidding - 23-9-2022 at 00:54

^Have fun :D

Plook - 24-9-2022 at 01:35

What a week of acting like teenagers, I am exhausted but it is Friday so we will take the Ship out of the dock and head on another evening of adventure...:grin:

Plook - 27-9-2022 at 01:31

It’s a Plook on Tour Random Monday

Let’s see some highlights

Had the trees trimmed…Palm tree looks good…:cool:

The trees along the pool fence were huge, not so much now…:)

Went golfing Sunday morning at the butt crack of dawn it was a little crisp even though it hit 90 degrees, we are feeling fall coming…:grin:

Here is a preview of the upcoming Rodger Waters/Pink Floyd episode…:shocked:

Stay Tuned to Plook on Tour…:singer:

Plook - 28-9-2022 at 01:17

It’s a Plook on Tour Random Tuesday

It’s a deuce…Birthday gifts…:grin:

Besides Kat coming over that night, the best present of all…:bouncing:

Kat refitted the Beach Bathroom with new towels, carpets, and Knick Knacks awesome…:cool:

The Daughter Plook the Younger (TDPTY) got me the California Jam concert newspaper add framed, she says I always talk about this concert…:guitar2:

This gift has already delivered raised eyebrows from more than one person just the sheer enormity of the acts that played gets people to say WOW! the common response, all the bands were at their peek...:wow:

If you look closely advance tickets were $10 such an outrageous sum at the time we nearly did not go, concert tickets at the time between $1.50 and $2.50…:lol:

Another gem is on the right bottom if you cut that little piece of paper put how many tickets you wanted and put it in an envelope they would send you tickets, it would not surprise me if that is how we purchased our tickets…:shocked:

Watch your local listings for more Plook on Tour…:singer:

GrayGhost - 28-9-2022 at 11:46

^^^^^ Nice ^^^^^

And somehow they made money.....

I saw Rory Gallagher for $9:50 Rory Gallagher!

We thought John Mayall and the Blue Breakers were a rip off at $14:00!

Mind blowing.....wait, who's that old guy in the mirror?


Plook - 29-9-2022 at 00:52

^^^Well Gray when you get $10 from 200,000 people you better make money...:lol:

Kat and I should be pretty well rested by now so we better break out the camel and get on the hump...:shocked:

GrayGhost - 29-9-2022 at 08:00

^^^^^ Aren't the GOP looking to tax or even ban hump day(s) in some states.....:shocked:^^^^^

I always wondered if Herb was cooking Frank's books back in the day.....

Plook - 1-10-2022 at 00:52

^^^California has a no Hump Tax law…:D

^^^I don’t know if Herb was cooking Frank's books back in the day, but I was definitely smoking some herb…:lol:

It’s a Friday Plook on Tour…:bouncing:

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes it’s the big Charleston Contest! …:bouncy:

Jellyfish Honey Badger Wrestling is back…:roll:

Get out the Ship…:drums:

Kat is suited up, even her pussy is ready to go…Oh yeah…:shocked:

Plook is working with a dinged leg…:freak:

Enjoy your weekend everyone...:cool:

Plook - 7-10-2022 at 23:49

It has been a tough week here at Plook on Tour…:P

Kat and I have been busy at work all week with long days but Blessed Relief is here…:grin:

So, let us get some Jellyfish Honey Badger Wrestling started, queue the ship…;)

Time to suit up what’s the Kat got going on…oh she's kicking back fur sure...:cool:

Plook better buck it up…oh he’s working out again…:guitar2:

Everyone stay safe and have fun whenever you can…:)

Plook - 13-10-2022 at 05:19

It's another mid-week day and I did not post, but we are in the middle of Hump Day eve and I have Kat by my side and we want to send ya’ all a camel…The weeks are long and the load is heavy at the salt mines but we are powering threw like a teenage combo…:bouncy:

GrayGhost - 14-10-2022 at 07:25

We we're about (aboot for the Canadians) to send out a search party.....

Plook - 15-10-2022 at 04:51

It's Friday Night Jellyfish Honey Badger Wrestling Time Again...:)

What we really look like...:drums:

And what we want to look like...:lol:

Kat says she wants her booty in the booty...:shocked:

Kat picked this one for me because I look like I can open plenty of wine bottles...:guitar2:

Lets not forget the ship...:drums:

Plook - 19-10-2022 at 21:58

What Day is it?

I swear I will put up some cool stuff as soon as I get over this Hump...:lol:

Plook - 19-10-2022 at 23:30

Wednesday Bonus...:shocked:

Don't Forgot to....:drums:


Plook - 22-10-2022 at 01:37

It's a Plook on Tour Friday Night Jellyfish Honey Badger Live Special...:drums:

Sunset at Plook Palace let's start the Show....:)

Kat says let's get this Show on the road...:guitar2:

Plook says anchors away maties...:guitar:

Now for the transformation...:shocked:

Kat isn'y Monkeying around...:lol:

Plook as Kat says... "right before he goes full Italian Guy"...:grin:

Eddie RUKidding - 22-10-2022 at 23:35

Ship Ahoy :cool:

Plook - 24-10-2022 at 17:46

Eddie how are things going in your neck of the woods?

Plook - 25-10-2022 at 01:35

It’s a Monday Plook on Tour After School Special

The Big Shed Motif

I decided to take everything around the Pool down and try to get it in my shed behind the house which is the area where the pool pump and firewood is located that has become a catch all location…:wow:

My backyard shed was a mess it is probably at least 30 years old and from what I could tell the wood floor had been repaired/patched a couple of times. I started cleaning it out I ended up tearing out the floor and the decades of crap under it from it once being a rat’s home, I got 3/4 a big yard waste can of crap out of there before it was clean (approximately 3 or 4 wheel barrels full) and a small pile for the dump left over…:shocked:

All my reclaimed wood I saved…:grin:

Then I tooled up and built a new floor in the shed, no recuts I still have the right stuff for framing…:bouncy:

I cleaned up the whole area…:roll:

Minnie did a full inspection…:lol:

I cleared off the deck…:bouncing:

And got everything inside with room to spare…:cool:

It was really hot when I did it and I was sweating my ass off (literally), Kat thought I was going to keel over but I survived a little soar for a couple days but hey what the heck…;)

Stay tuned for our next Episode of Plook on toilets...:D

Eddie RUKidding - 25-10-2022 at 03:02

Quote: Originally posted by Plook  
Eddie how are things going in your neck of the woods?

Hi Plook, a bit wet here but doing fine.

Good work on the clean up :cool:

Plook - 26-10-2022 at 00:56

Eddie if I remember correctly you are Down Under and in spring headed towards summer, that's good news for you!

We are feeling Fall here in NorCal and the days are growing shorter and cooler...I'm a summer guy but we need a lot of snow and rain this year due to the drought, keeping my fingers crossed.

Plook - 27-10-2022 at 00:54

Well it has been a slow moving week at Plook Palace, but we made it to the hump, now I need to get my Fez on...:D

Plook - 27-10-2022 at 16:16

It's a Plook on Tour Public Announcement...:singer:

Tonight H-Dog and I are going to the Hard Rock Casino to see...:drums:

We will be getting Close to the Edge, so I will report back later...;)

GrayGhost - 28-10-2022 at 06:49

That sounds exciting.....Enjoy!.....

Plook - 28-10-2022 at 18:30

Nice to see you Gray, this show was amazing they stayed clear of most of the popular hits and played very complex songs at a level that really impressed me, Steve Howe was incredible and the band was brilliant.

H-Dog who was no huge YES fan was completely amazed and enjoyed it immensely and said some songs had a Frank Zappa-esq feel!

The show was just under 3 hours with about a 20-minute break. Some songs meander for well over 10 minutes with the full Prog on display including rock, jazz, blues, heavy metal, country, rockabilly, and surf guitar weaved in.

It reminded me of King Crimson to be honest, just top shelf.

Here is the set list

Set 1:

On the Silent Wings of Freedom

Yours Is No Disgrace

No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed
(Richie Havens cover)

Wonderous Stories

The Ice Bridge

Dare to Know

Heart of the Sunrise

Set 2 (Close to the Edge):

Close to the Edge

And You and I

Siberian Khatru



Starship Trooper

More to come...:grin:

Plook - 29-10-2022 at 01:35

It's Friday but Kat isn't feeling wonderful she is stuffed up like allergies plus October is notorious rice farmers burning and farmers burning tree trimmings which can be a large fire when you have 100 acres of rice fields or 40 acres of almond tree's or some such...:wow:

So we will keep the ship in the Harbor at anchor tonight...:umm:


Plook - 3-11-2022 at 01:56

It's a lay low Hump Day...:grin:

Kat's feeling better but her daughter-in-law has COVID and I'm getting a full back MRI tomorrow from my neck down...:wow:

GrayGhost - 3-11-2022 at 09:57

Best wishes and good luck to one and all.....

The Yes show sounded amazing, there's nothing quite like really good musicians live.....

I'm gutted that we didn't make George Thorogood, it was health
over (shot term) happiness, Covid case numbers had been surging in
the central city all week, so we stayed home, and listened to the CD.....

One of the reclusive old boys up the coast is slowly recovering from the new improved long Covid,
he went from Mister boundless-energy to Mister bed-ridden.....

The little woman in conjunction with one of the coastal cavettes
have assumed chicken soup control, he's lived alone for twenty plus years,
if the Covid doesn't get him this intense burst of extended feminine contact just might,
that coastal cavette's a clingy one too, so there could be matchmaking going on.....

On the plus side, the little woman needs the distraction right now,
it was a year yesterday that dear Cookie left us, about now it feels like it was yesterday.....

Plook - 4-11-2022 at 00:30

Gray my friend thank you for posting an update on the going on's way out in the valley...To bad you didn't get to make it to the concert I am sure he destroyed it, but better safe than sorry!

It is both sad and amazing (how quick time pass's) that it has been a year since your dear Cookie passed, she, you and the little woman are in my thoughts.

It sounds like the long time reclusive is getting a heavy dose of Womanization and with a possibility of romance in the air, it doesn't get better than that.

Hopefully with summer on its way the old boy has a great bounce back to his boundless energy self and hooked -up if the coastal cavette plays her soup right.

Please post again soon and I am dying to hear what you are spinning on the old kerosene record player, keep the faith brother...:cool:

Plook - 5-11-2022 at 01:38

It's Friday Night and everyone is feeling like they are in Ship Shape...;)

So we will be going for the whole enchilada...:shocked:

It's a Granda Jellyfish Honey Badger Wrestling Night...:bouncy:

Lets get the Ship out...:drums:

Lets see what the Kats wearing...:bouncing:

She's ready for action but it looks like she got something in her eye...:wow:

Plook is ready to rock...:guitar2:

Dam my eyes jacked up too, between the two us we can see....:lol:

Plook - 11-11-2022 at 01:08

Sorry for the long absence, we hit a bit of a rough patch her in Plooksville…Monday was the 6 years ago that Kats husband Terry passed away, while a tough day for Kat she is strong and endures like a trooper.

Unfortunately her daughter (My so-called adopted daughter TADP because she stayed with Terri and I almost nonstop for two years) her good friend from childhood committed suicide. Kat new this girl well and she was in and around her house and family for 30 years so hit her hard.

The poor thing slipped down a bad road years ago and could not find her way back. TADP tried with all her heart to help her but when people get on bad drugs (meth) sometimes you have to use caution because they get very unpredictable.

TADP had contacted my youngest daughter TDPTY about a week or so ago and had consulted with her because she was being contacted by CCPS (California Child Protective Services) my daughter worked there over two years and told her they were most likely going to take the children (7&15 years old) into custody because she tested dirty twice in a row.

They came and got the kids last Friday, apparently she went to her boyfriends Sunday night went in his room barricaded the door. When the boyfriend could not get in, he called the Police and they broke down the door where they found she hung herself.

Kat, TADP, and TDPTY found out Monday it was a tuff pill to swallow on a day of mourning, the grand kids took it hard also.

We are hanging in there and going to a function at the lake where we will be setting off Candle Lanterns floating on the water. I did not know the girl that well but had seen her at many functions over the years, I am circling the wagons for Kat and the girls.

Talk to you all soon…:(

BBP - 11-11-2022 at 18:21

Very sorry to hear that, those poor children having to endure all that...

Eddie RUKidding - 11-11-2022 at 22:59

Sorry to hear Plook, condolences to all

GrayGhost - 13-11-2022 at 02:33

Oh man, heartbreak upon heartbreak upon heartbreak.....

Keeping the family Plook in our thoughts.....

Plook - 16-11-2022 at 02:25

Thank you all for your kind words and communicated them to the girls, they did the floating lamp ceremony Friday night all the friends and relatives spoke, everyone got some closure now it is time to heel.

Plook - 16-11-2022 at 02:35

We are trying to move forward so lets get back to some normalcy…:)

It’s a Plook on Tour Tuesday Randemonium…:grin:

Fall Sunset at the Palace during a thunder storm…:wow:

A huge thunderhead was lurking over Lake Tahoe…:wow:

Minnie getting costume on for the Halloween tricker treaters, she loves to hand out candy…:D

My granddaughter in Rohde Island after a rough day at the Pumpkin Patch…:lol:

Terri’s Rose Bushes are exploding with roses…:roll:

I had a full check-up and an MRI of my neck and lower back…:freak:

Doctor is surprised that my neck isn’t bothering me due to bulging discs between 4 & 5 and 6 & 7…:freak:

He is even more surprised my Sciatic Nerve isn’t causing me extreme pain due to the nerve pinch in my lower back at L5-S1, said he would expect me to need surgery but since I am fine no need now…:freak:

Stay tuned to for more Plook on Tour ...:bouncy:

Plook - 19-11-2022 at 05:44

It's a Plook on Tour Live Event...:singer:

Kat is sitting next to me and we are going to post our...:shocked:

Friday Night jellyfish Honey Badger Pirates...:drums:


Eddie RUKidding - 19-11-2022 at 22:24

^^ Must be a the Zappa tunes in your head keeping the pain at bay :devil:

Plook - 21-11-2022 at 20:37

Kat and I will have a big Plook on Tour announcement this Friday 11/25/22...:puzzled:

Plook - 21-11-2022 at 20:37


GrayGhost - 23-11-2022 at 07:13

Do I hear :forumsmiley101: Wedding Bells…..or is that just my tinnitus…..

Plook - 24-11-2022 at 01:07

That ringing you hear is from listening to LOUD MUSIC!!!:guitar::drums::guitar2:

That's what my parents told me....:lol:

Plook - 24-11-2022 at 05:44

Happy Thanksgiving to all!...;)

Plook - 2-12-2022 at 02:20

Hello all, sorry for being incommunicado for over a week but we have had some sickness here and there (Kat came down with something Friday and just got better) these Grandkids are a Petri Dish of surprises...:shocked:

Somehow I have managed to dodge everything but I better knock on some wood...:lol:

I will post the big Plook on Tour Announcement tomorrow come hell or high water...:drums:

GrayGhost - 2-12-2022 at 07:47

We'll be watchin' and awaitin' hopin' for the best.....

On another matter.....

get that yellow arrow removed, it's not doing you any good.....

leave these two right where they are, their keeping the angry alien
on it's side of your spine.....

Aliens on the whole don't like being photographed, hence the anger,
and scarcity of photographs.....

They weren't kidding when they said aliens are living among us.....

Plook - 3-12-2022 at 00:08

It is a Plook on Tour Special Announcement…:drums:

I was sailing the seas in search of ye Booty

And I came across thee

One day she came aboard My Boat Baby

To wrestle with me

And now we sail into battle together at Sea

Man we look good in that picture, definitely took that before Thanksgiving Dinner…:lol:

So, it was destined to be
That I would Take a Knee

So now we see the Ring of Destiny

The Big Event is Saturday 07/08/23 You My friends are All Welcome to Attend

More to come…:cool:

GrayGhost - 3-12-2022 at 21:36

Congratulations and Best Wishes from the Deep South.....

Eddie RUKidding - 5-12-2022 at 03:10

Congratulations Plook

Plook - 8-12-2022 at 04:09

Thank you all and you should book your flights soon...:grin:

In other news Kat relapsed from whatever she has and it is not COVID, here in the US we have a weird outbreak of the flu, a relentless cold, RSP in kids, and some COVID cocktail going around it is pretty bad my younger daughter the teacher is ill also but she works in a kid petri dish...some speculation that the long lockdown caused us to miss two flu seasons of immunity which sounds logical but will my never know the long reaching effects of the Pandemic...:puzzled:

BBP - 8-12-2022 at 11:55

Congratulations Plook!

polydigm - 8-12-2022 at 21:02

Congratulations indeed!!

We had a really bad cold going around here a couple of months ago. My wife and I caught it at the same time. It was relentless and lasted a couple of weeks. We’d both had flu vaccinations previously.

Plook - 9-12-2022 at 02:12

Thanks Bonny and Poly, book your flights...:grin:

Poly this Hybrid cough & cold/Flu is hitting hard everywhere in the US several people from all over the the country I work with have had it for weeks.

My daughter in Rhode Island had it and finally licked the relentless cough, her baby girl (preschooler) had COVID then the Flu (The strain she had is associated with RSP another possible byproduct of the Pandemic that is hitting young children hard in the US and far to many deaths have occurred) she needed a chest x-ray that showed inflammation, she is finally coming around but it was surprising because she is hearty stock and very resilient for being that ill that long...not good.

My sister in the mid-west had it (cough lasted 2 weeks), Kats daughters family have all been in various phases of sickness, Kat herself had it for a week got better then relapsed Sunday and just went back to work today.

We probably hit the JFHBW to soon...:lol:

Eddie RUKidding - 9-12-2022 at 08:46

wife and I also have just has the hybrid cough & cold/Flu is nasty and has taken a week or so it get over, tested negative to Covid which we have not had yet - touch wood :duh:

Plook - 10-12-2022 at 01:37

The ship be anchored tonight mates...:)

and the crew below decks getting some shut eye...;)

ursinator2.0 - 11-12-2022 at 18:52

Congratulations to both of you!

Plook - 12-12-2022 at 18:53


That is hilarious, thank you for your well wish's ...:grin:

Plook - 15-12-2022 at 02:57

It’s the Plook on Tour Year End Clean-UP

It’s the Long-Awaited Rodger Waters/Pink Floyd Concert Recap…:singer:

We met H-Dog and E at the Green Motel near the Venue…:grin:

We tailgated in the Sacramento Old Town parking lot…:roll:

We found an awesome Mexican Restaurant in Old Town to eat at… :)

But I got the food picture a little late…:yawn:

When walking through the tunnel to the K-Street Mall where the Venue is I ran across some skateboarders and barrowed a skateboard and pulled off a nice ride on it without crashing and breaking anything, they told Kat when I was riding it “that is totally old school” and when I finished they one by one all 4 fist bumped me and said “That was awesome Sir” it was hella cool beans…Unfortunately my picture came out like this, but E recorded it and if I get the video I will post it…:cool:

We stopped at a Micro Brew where I drank straight out of the Keg…:shocked:

The lines were packed so we hit the outside bar, I gave the Bar Tender a fat tip and she asked if I smoked pot then gave me a bag that someone gave her as a tip, the green way is all in in California…:bouncing:

The Troup is primed and ready…:drums:

The lines never let up so we waited until the last minute to enter in this picture you can see the steps leading out of the elevated bar we had planned out and executed our maneuver by going down those steps making a quick left and getting into a center line there that most people did not realize was available and got in in less than 5 minutes…:rolleyes:

We had really good seats…:bouncy:

The show was great…:guitar2:

They ended with Sheep before the intermission

Kat found her new love in the lobby during the break…:lol:

The second set started with the Pig…:guitar2:

The Big Finish…:guitar:

There was a guy playing the blues on a strat in the tunnel on the way back while another guy filmed and it sound great, Kat gave him a nice donation…;)


Stay Tuned for more Plook on Tour Clean-Up…:duh:

Plook - 22-12-2022 at 00:53

What Day Is It...:puzzled:

Kat has to go to work early and I have to drive to the East Bay so the Camel sleeps tonight...;)

Plook - 22-12-2022 at 00:57

A quick Note Friday we were posting our Friday Pirate Wrestling post when we were tipsy and accidentally deleted it before we finished and threw in the towel and commenced with the dancing part of our program...:duh:


Plook - 24-12-2022 at 05:21

It's Friday Night the Eve of Christmas Eve Jellyfish Honey Badger Gift Wrapping...:drums:

Plook - 25-12-2022 at 19:26

Merry Christmas from Plook and Kat to all...:grin:

Plook - 29-12-2022 at 06:25

It's a live Event Plook and Kat are at the Keyboard for Hump Day, Kat had a Bank Robbery at her bank today she is fine...:shocked:

Plook - 29-12-2022 at 06:25


GrayGhost - 2-1-2023 at 04:40

Oh man, as if we needed another reason to leave 2022 in the rearview mirror.....

Thank goodness Kat is okay.....

Were you aware of the huge range of Kevlar fashion accessories
available for the young go getters in the banking sector?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Team Plook.....

Plook - 7-1-2023 at 02:30

Happy New Year Mr.Ghost, the Little Lady, and all my forum friends we tried to post live last week and I accidently deleted it after about 20 minutes of work so we threw in the proverbial towel.

We had a very active Holiday Season at Plook Palace...Kat survived the bank robbery but the other gal was pretty shook up, good thing he didn't go to Kats window she would have introduced him to her little friend (Colt 45)...:shocked:

We had Christmas Eve dinner at the Palace The Daughter Plook the Younger made homemade spaghetti so good, then we circled back Christmas Day and I made a Prime Rib Roast with home made mashed potatoes, and my famous green beans with the a big Caesar Salad deluxe...:grin:

Then we had a New Years Eve party with H-Dog & E and R&J, I made home made chili from scratch using the left over Rib Roast and some Italian appetizers Kat made bacon wrapped liver with water chestnut and a cheese ball both delicious, E made Bacon wrapped dates a flavor explosion, R&J brought some banging meatballs and we had other assorted snacks...:)

NYE day I was cooking all day and running around town nonstop I felt like Ray Liotta in Good Fellows minus the pound of cocaine...:lol:

I thought the whole thing would wrap-up by midnight and I would be golfing at 8 am but we danced until 3:30 am...:shocked:

We ended up cleaning up and did not get to bed until 4 am, so no golf and it has been raining nonstop here for two weeks...:freak:

Well I will post pictures hopefully tomorrow and Kat & I will try to go Pirate Live tonight if we can get our Jib Sail set and keep an even Keel...:bouncy:

Plook - 7-1-2023 at 05:44

Well, it’s Friday Night Jellyfish Honey Badger Wrestling 2023 Addition…

Me Lady is on the Shore waiting for me Dingy…;)

She prepares for the Big Adventure…:drums:

I stand at the Ready…:guitar:

You can find us on Pay Per View for one slim hundred dollar bill...:shocked:

GrayGhost - 7-1-2023 at 06:14

Have you reactivated your For Fans Only Plook site?!

tinkamok - 7-1-2023 at 10:55

Doing a bit of catch-up here :lol:
Congratulations to Plook and Kat on the news of your engagement :bouncy::bouncing::bouncy::bouncing::bouncy:

Plook - 10-1-2023 at 02:28

Gray yes I am, just send me your bank account information...:lol:

Plook - 10-1-2023 at 02:32

tinkamok thank you, you will get an invitation when they get made...:cool:

Plook - 12-1-2023 at 02:24

It's a rainy Hump Day in the Nor Cal with wet woadways and the camel wants dryer conditions...:wow:

We are on our 7th storm in 2 weeks with 2 more on the way, I have drained my pool 8 times the last 2 weeks and never had to do it more than 4 times in a single winter. in the past..:shocked:

We are supposed to go to San Francisco Saturday with H-Dog & E to see the King Ramses The Great & The Gold Of The Pharaohs at the De Young and booked rooms in Fisherman's Warf with another storm scheduled to arrive Saturday...:(

We will have to see how it all plays out...:puzzled:

Plook - 13-1-2023 at 01:43

It’s a Plook on Tour Christmas New Year’s Holiday Special

We had quite the activities list here in Plookville let us see what happened…:drums:

We went full on this year with the blended family mash up this year we had Christmas Eve Dinner, Christmas Day Dinner, and New Years Eve at the Palace…:rolleyes:

Christmas Eve Dinner

The Daughter Plook the Younger (TDPY) made her homemade spaghetti, The Adopted Daughter Plook (TADP) brought her brood of girls and her Fireman husband, her oldest daughter Ta brought her boyfriend, and Kat’s Stepdaughter Stay brought her significant other V with her to son’s.

Stay a huge Raiders fan watching the Christmas Eve NFL match up with the Stealers (Raiders lost on a last second field goal…)

TADP and the Fireman getting a picture by the tree by her youngest daughter Mack with Rosalina watching…:grin:

The boys, V, Stay, and TDPY chatting it up…:roll:

Kat grabbing her some homemade sketty…:)

Taa getting a pic of her boyfriend with her younger sisters Rosalina & Mack while Kat posts up by the fire to eat…

Family Photo Time

TDPY, RG Kat, & TADP…;)

RG Kat & Plook…:bouncing:

V & Stay…:cool:

The Fireman & TADP…:)

Plook with Kat’s granddaughters Taa, Mack, & Rosalina…:grin:

Christmas Day Dinner

Plenty of sweets…:bouncy:

Ta’s boyfriend chatting with Kat…:singer:

Gravy and Christmas Pizza’s, the Christmas Pizza is a recipe from Terri’s family I have been eating these things since I met her, people love them it is an English muffin with a mix of cheese, chopped olive, diced bell pepper, diced tomatoes, assorted seasoning, and baked to perfection…:kiss:

The Au jus from the Prime Rib Roast, the giant Caesar Salad, and home-made mashed potatoes remnants…:cool:

The left-over Prime Rib comes into play latter since I made Home Made Chili out of it for NYE…:)

Christmas Off Ramp

After doing Christmas morning with her Izzy was flying out Christmas Day for her fathers in Colorado and TDPY was supposed to be back for dinner…She was flying Southwest and if you did not hear they had issues and canceled many flights she never flew and they didn’t get home until midnight more than a 12 hour day at the airport…:shocked:

But amazingly her bag got there her dad went to the airport to fetch it and they said it’s in that group your more than welcome to look for it…:puzzled:

The Day after Christmas

I went and played golf at the freezing cold golf course in the bog next to the Sacramento River…Waterproof golf shoes, waterproof golf gloves (both hands), waterproof pants, waterproof athletic jacket, with full under armor underneath…Ready for action I shot an amazing 78 with 1 birdie, 9 pars, and 8 bogeys…:guitar2:

New Year’s Eve

We had H-dog & E over…:guitar:

H-Dog getting some Cheeseball, it was the bomb it is topped with walnuts…:grin:

We had great food, my all day Home Made Chili, R&J’s meat balls, E made bacon wrapped dates, Kat made bacon wrapped chicken liver with water chestnuts, E made the chease ball, and I made the Capicola Wraps…:kiss:

Well, That’s All Folk’s…:duh:

Plook - 13-1-2023 at 01:43

It’s a Plook on Tour Christmas New Year’s Holiday Special

We had quite the activities list here in Plookville let us see what happened…:drums:

We went full on this year with the blended family mash up this year we had Christmas Eve Dinner, Christmas Day Dinner, and New Years Eve at the Palace…:rolleyes:

Christmas Eve Dinner

The Daughter Plook the Younger (TDPY) made her homemade spaghetti, The Adopted Daughter Plook (TADP) brought her brood of girls and her Fireman husband, her oldest daughter Ta brought her boyfriend, and Kat’s Stepdaughter Stay brought her significant other V with her to son’s.

Stay a huge Raiders fan watching the Christmas Eve NFL match up with the Stealers (Raiders lost on a last second field goal…)

TADP and the Fireman getting a picture by the tree by her youngest daughter Mack with Rosalina watching…:grin:

The boys, V, Stay, and TDPY chatting it up…:roll:

Kat grabbing her some homemade sketty…:)

Taa getting a pic of her boyfriend with her younger sisters Rosalina & Mack while Kat posts up by the fire to eat…

Family Photo Time

TDPY, RG Kat, & TADP…;)

RG Kat & Plook…:bouncing:

V & Stay…:cool:

The Fireman & TADP…:)

Plook with Kat’s granddaughters Taa, Mack, & Rosalina…:grin:

Christmas Day Dinner

Plenty of sweets…:bouncy:

Ta’s boyfriend chatting with Kat…:singer:

Gravy and Christmas Pizza’s, the Christmas Pizza is a recipe from Terri’s family I have been eating these things since I met her, people love them it is an English muffin with a mix of cheese, chopped olive, diced bell pepper, diced tomatoes, assorted seasoning, and baked to perfection…:kiss:

The Au jus from the Prime Rib Roast, the giant Caesar Salad, and home-made mashed potatoes remnants…:cool:

The left-over Prime Rib comes into play latter since I made Home Made Chili out of it for NYE…:)

Christmas Off Ramp

After doing Christmas morning with her Izzy was flying out Christmas Day for her fathers in Colorado and TDPY was supposed to be back for dinner…She was flying Southwest and if you did not hear they had issues and canceled many flights she never flew and they didn’t get home until midnight more than a 12 hour day at the airport…:shocked:

But amazingly her bag got there her dad went to the airport to fetch it and they said it’s in that group your more than welcome to look for it…:puzzled:

The Day after Christmas

I went and played golf at the freezing cold golf course in the bog next to the Sacramento River…Waterproof golf shoes, waterproof golf gloves (both hands), waterproof pants, waterproof athletic jacket, with full under armor underneath…Ready for action I shot an amazing 78 with 1 birdie, 9 pars, and 4 bogeys…:guitar2:

New Year’s Eve

We had H-dog & E over…:guitar:

H-Dog getting some Cheeseball, it was the bomb it is topped with walnuts…:grin:

We had great food, my all day Home Made Chili, R&J’s meat balls, E made bacon wrapped dates, Kat made bacon wrapped chicken liver with water chestnuts, E made the chease ball, and I made the Capicola Wraps…:kiss:

Well, That’s All Folk’s…:duh:

Plook - 14-1-2023 at 17:42

Well here we go we are headed in the Bomb Cyclone Storm to San Francisco, we bought tickets for the Ramses II exhibit at the De Young Museum and have a room in Fisherman's Warf keep your fingers crossed this is considered a weather impact day and it could be some rough sledding driving there it's about 120 miles...:guitar2:

Plook - 16-1-2023 at 23:05

We made it home OK yesterday after our big adventure, I have tons of pictures to go through to post...I am working today but Kat got the Holiday, those bankers get them all...:)

Plook - 16-1-2023 at 23:05


GrayGhost - 17-1-2023 at 06:24

Here's a smiley for Wednesday….. :forumsmiley293:

Plook - 17-1-2023 at 22:41

It's only Tuesday here but that's what happens when you live in the future...:lol:

Plook - 19-1-2023 at 00:58

It’s a Plook on Tour Miniseries...:drums:

The Bomb Cyclone San Francisco Egyptian Strut Adventure

Episode 1 – The Drive

Over the last 3 weeks we have received 500% of a normal year’s rainfall…:guitar2:

We left Plook Palace in a torrential rain storm after a short time it let up but the wet and wild adventure was just starting for the Rocking Teenage Combo...:biggrin:

On Hwy 113 when we reached the Sutter Bypass which is normally used as farm land at 15 miles long and almost a mile wide with about a 20 foot depth it is the overflow for the Sacramento River…

It was almost full…:shocked:

When we reached Berkley things were getting better…:grin:

The Bay Bridge Toll was unusually empty for 20 lanes…:wow:

The 10-lane bridge goes from the new side by side portion to a stacked bridge and is almost 5 miles long…:yawn:

The Streets of San Francisco were typically crowded…:freak:

We arrived at the massive Golden Gate Park where the De Young Museum is along with the Academy of Science and many other Facilities…:bouncy:

Awesome trees in the park…:cool:

We enter the concourse...

The gals got a photo op at the fountain (E & Kat)…:)

The Academy of Science building has a garden roof with grass…:-*

Eyes without a face…:kiss:

Plook & Kat

H-Dog & E

Watch for our next Episode of The Bomb Cyclone San Francisco Egyptian Strut Adventure

Plook - 26-1-2023 at 02:20

Sorry for no updates but we have been busy and todays Kats mom fell down and they are at the emergency room I will get back with some updates :(

GrayGhost - 26-1-2023 at 11:33

Hang in there Plook, best wishes to Kat's mother…..

Plook - 26-1-2023 at 17:34

Marg is went home yesterday evening she has a huge knot on the back of her head and she fractured her tail bone poor thing, she is the nicest woman you can expect to meet...:(

GrayGhost - 27-1-2023 at 07:06

Oh man that is good news, all I could think was please not a broken hip…..

Plook - 27-1-2023 at 16:50

I know the hip is bad news from my past experiences, so praise the lord and lets try to have some fun...:)

Plook - 27-1-2023 at 17:20

Now let’s return to the Plook on Tour Miniseries

The Bomb Cyclone San Francisco Egyptian Strut Adventure

Episode 2 – The Tour

The museum was bustling…:bouncy:

The Security Guard wasn’t playing but we made it through, not everyone was so lucky…:wow:

We entered through the eye…:cool:

We were transported to 1279 b.c.

We were greeted by a Stela that told the whole story and even still has part of its gold cap

Ramses cut in diorite we took it for granite…:lol:

Ramses ruled from 31 to his death at 91 he was a Warrior King who fought campaigns against Libya, Nubians, Sherden Sea Pirates (That became his personal guard after their defeat), and the Hittites who were his enemy during his Syrian campaign that resulted in the Battle of Kadesh the most well recorded battle in ancient history.

Ramses was a trained fighter and lead his troops from the front a skilled Charioteer, Archer, and trained in all forms of fighting he fought side by side with is army who were ambushed by the Hittites but he rallied his troops and drove them into Orontes River, he later signed the first known Peace Treaty with them that all other Peace Treaties were based on (Kathy was struck by the unusual looking horse Bit she has rode her whole life and rode competitively)

When you go before the King you get low to the ground…:freak:

The wooden box with holes was for burning incense…:kiss:

One of my favorite displays would show a ruin and what it looked like at the time Ramses built it, they know from paint flakes that everything was painted and this is what they concluded…:drums:

I did not get the before picture for this one but it was too awesome to leave out…:guitar2:

Sennedjem was a Priest who oversaw the painting of the outer wooden caskets and inside of tombs with their magic spells and text while they do not have Ramses which he surely oversaw, but they do have Sennedjem’s which would have been painted by his highest skilled apprentices.

Granit Ramses bust and coffin lid

The carved alabaster caught my eye the craftmanship is amazing working with such a difficult medium…:guitar:

Other stuff of interest…:roll:

The last thing I will bore you with are the mummified cats, apparently you would offer these at the temple to the gods similar to how western religions light candles they pay for at church. Now this went on for over 1000 years and everyone did it, they have found tons of mummified cats, some even got highly decorated coffins, my mind wonders to the inevitable cat farms at the temple ran by the priest as a cottage industry…:shocked:

Watch for our next Episode of The Bomb Cyclone San Francisco Egyptian Strut Adventure

ursinator2.0 - 27-1-2023 at 23:53

Thnx for that great report! That reminds me of my vacation in egyptland a little bit more than ten years ago (when i still could afford to). I have seen some of those historical sites and experienced this and that (including the worst diarrhea of my life). Best wishes to you and your beloved ones and a little support for your next round on the golf course:
Golf - Logan Kane Nonet feat. Katisse ;-)

Plook - 28-1-2023 at 05:47

ursinator2.0 that was great we laughed our ass's off...:lol:

Plook - 28-1-2023 at 05:51

It's Friday Night and Kat said the ship is Sea Worthy so we are setting sail...:grin:

polydigm - 29-1-2023 at 04:39

Quote: Originally posted by ursinator2.0  
Golf - Logan Kane Nonet feat. Katisse
Great video!! By which I mean in its entirety - I really enjoyed the music as well.

Plook - 29-1-2023 at 15:45

Gray are you and the Little lady OK down in the Valley, I was reading that there is extensive flooding across New Zealand?

Plook - 3-2-2023 at 03:12

A new Episodes of Plook on Tour Miniseries drops now…

The Bomb Cyclone San Francisco Egyptian Strut Adventure

Episode 3 – The Dinner

Our storm traveler museum going quorum is famished from their adventure but a couple of drinks are in order and our cheer “Earth, Sky, Ocean!”…:drums:

We decided to take a Lyft to Scoma’s on the wharf because it began to rain…:)

The Story of Scoma’s

In 1965 when brothers Al and Joe Scoma heard about a small coffee shop on the Wharf that was for sale, little did they know they were on the road to creating a landmark restaurant. The brothers bought the tiny, six-stool coffee shop on Pier 47 that served local fishermen breakfast and burgers and began the long and ultimately successful process of turning the hidden local hang-out into one of the nation’s highest grossing independent restaurants.

The Doorman greeted us…

The Crew is ready to board…:guitar:

More drinks…:guitar2:

I had the classic Dirty Martini (so perfect) Kat had an Expresso Martini…

H-Dog went with the Expresso Martini and E had a Blood Orange Margarita…

The appetizers were Oysters, Calamari, & Crab Cakes…

The Entrées were Gulf Shrimp Lumachini and “Lazy Man’s” Cioppino…

H-Dog ordering desert…:biggrin:

The battle begins…:singer:

4-way split…:bouncing:

The gal’s saying adios to our wonderful waiter…:kiss:

Ready to board…:grin:

Heading back down the pier…:bouncing:

These gals got a sheet in the wind…:shocked:

Under the street light…:yawn:

Leaving Scoma’s Pier…:roll:

The street lights at night…:wow:

The World-Famous Pier 39…:)

The Love Bug…:cool:

H-dog is hitting on Beyonce better head back to the room…:lol:

Watch for our next Episode of The Bomb Cyclone San Francisco Egyptian Strut Adventure

Plook - 4-2-2023 at 06:59

Its supposed to be a ship...

But we found this..:guitar2:


And there it is...:guitar:

Plook - 9-2-2023 at 02:15

We have a humdinger of a week going at work...:freak:

Someone get we a Camel...:shocked:

Plook - 11-2-2023 at 02:53

Well we had a loss in Plooksville my oldest daughters wonderful dog had to be put to sleep I wrote a little something for him that I will share here:

Barley’s Last Christmas

My eldest daughter and her family that live in Rhode Island had to put their dog Barley down today.

Barley was a very good dog, he was diagnosed with lymph node cancer and they threw everything they could at it to give him an extra 6 or 8 months of good quality life, but when the time comes you know.

Barley was my buddy, when they lived in Long Beach and my daughter was finishing her Master’s Degree, I often worked in So Cal. I would stay at an awesome hotel property on the nexus of Long Beach, Belmont Shores, and Seal Beach and see them and Barley all the time.

They had a great breakfast buffet at the hotel that included real bacon, I would wrap a piece of bacon up in a napkin to give Barley as a treat because I would see them ever day at either my room or their modest one-bedroom flat.

I always would say how happy Barley was to see me and my daughter would say of course he is your walking around with bacon in your pockets.

My daughter and her now husband first moved to San Diego where she got her Bachelors in Clinical Psychology, they then moved to Long Beach for her to attend Long Beach State.

They decided to get a dog and spoke with my younger daughter who had been volunteering with PAWS for years.

She encouraged them to get a rescue but was adamant that they travel to San Bernardino because the shelters near them were no kill and the one there was not so they took the arduous drive to SBC.

When they got there they were stunned at the number of dogs and they all had a very short period of time to get saved because of the volume.

This was caused by the crash in 2008 many of the people that lived in SBC were severally hurt by the downturn and many could hardly get out with themselves and their kids and an extraordinary amount of pets were left behind over the ensuing years.

After walking many tragic corridors of doomed dogs, they saw an extremely hairy dog with Dreadlocks and through his excessive bangs they could see his hopeful eyes. After spending a while there they asked to see the dog in a room, he was well behaved and they choose him.

The woman at the front desk began to cry when they went up to pay the fee’s and to arrange to pick him up the next day, she was so happy to see one of the hundreds of dogs go to a family.

When they picked him up the next day they groomed him which was awesome and not required, they said they estimated Barley was 2 or 3 and that by his hair and paws he was on the streets for at least a year but more likely a year and a half or more which was an amazing long time to make it without being captured there.

He got his name because they were crafting their own beer and thus, he was Barley the most important ingredient in a fine beer, he became the perfect ingredient to establish a fine family.

Although he had some separation disorder issues for a couple of years, he grew out of it and into a wonderful companion dog.

My daughter and her husband moved to Rohde Island after they married where they are both successful professionals, they have two daughters who loved Barley and have never known their home without him.

We had been discussing when the right time was I had a dog that also had cancer and I told her you just know when they gave it their all. She told me a week or so ago he had really sparked up but I had to break the news to her that their bodies usually take one last swipe at beating it and throw everything it has at it and it gives them a boost for a couple of days.

She called a couple of days ago and said she thinks I was right and it is getting close, but he still had some spunk and was not in pain, I told her when the final turn arrives you will be able to tell and she could this morning.

Their oldest wanted to be there, she is the brains of the operation at nearly 7 and they decided to take her. She grilled the doctor on the procedure. Obviously, she has her mother’s skill set being an assistant director for a major hospitals Institutional Review Board, they make sure everyone is doing their research correctly, my granddaughter was checking his process.

There were tears and I myself cried when I heard the news, but Barley peacefully slipped off to that big dog house in the sky where he will have real bacon every day.

Gods Speed Barley, Gods Speed.

We will be at anchor tonight...

Plook - 15-2-2023 at 02:22

Wishing you all a Happy Valentines Day...:grin:

Plook - 16-2-2023 at 02:19

Its Wednesday and we need some Hump Day Humor...:drums:


Plook - 18-2-2023 at 05:53

It's Friday Night and we have a Pizza on the way so let's get this done....:drums:

Plook - 23-2-2023 at 02:21

We had massive layoff at the salt mines worldwide, we lost a certain percentage across the board (that's how the Social Democratic Countries like to do it) my group lost a guy we had for a long time I was shocked.

I am not sure what the process is but it could be put everyone in a groups picture on a dart board and throw a dart it is so random.

The good news it is COB and no one called me so I guess I get up and head back in the mines tomorrow...:guitar2:

This camel is happy...:grin:

polydigm - 23-2-2023 at 06:50

Good to hear you're okay Plook.

Eddie RUKidding - 23-2-2023 at 08:25

Good to hear the Camel is happy:biggrin:

Plook - 24-2-2023 at 02:13

Thanks all, I am glad I survived but I have been here nearly 12 years and it is a loss to see people you worked with for a long time leave, especially when it is not by choice...:(

Plook - 25-2-2023 at 05:26

Thank you all I slept good last night knowing I still had a job...:grin:

It's a low key Friday because we go see Bill Maher the comedian tomorrow night at the Hard Rock Casino...:guitar2:

So the ship stays in dock tonight...:wow:

But I may get some dingy action...:shocked:


Plook - 1-3-2023 at 01:52

Kat got an accommodation at the Bank today for her heroic bad ass performance during the Bank Robbery in December...:drums:

Recognition from our Bank President …

RG Kat




"On 12/28/22, the Yuba City California branch was robbed. RG Kat was behind the teller line. While Shaunna was the one approached at the teller line, Kat was there and assisting in line with the emergency training, policies and procedures. Kat is an incredible employee and deserves the utmost in respect for handling this emergency situation with grit, accountability, and poise."

She is a true Swashbuckling Pirate...Oh yeah...:guitar2:

Eddie RUKidding - 1-3-2023 at 03:01

Hope Kat saved some booty :D

GrayGhost - 1-3-2023 at 08:43

A commendation congratulations RG Kat!

Well deserved recognition for working on the front line…..

Plook - 2-3-2023 at 02:27

Thanks Mates Kat will appreciate it and yes Eddie she saved the booty...;)

Both my and Kat's Salt Mines are jamming right now we may have to let the Camel Sleep tonight...:shocked:

Plook - 4-3-2023 at 05:50

Well folks there is good news and better news...:drums:

The good news is Kat was exposed to explosive diarrhea and doesn't have it...:bouncy:

The better news is it's Friday Night Jellyfish Honey Badger Wrestling Time...:shocked:

Where's the girl...:puzzled:

Where's that Pirate Guy...:guitar:

Cheerio Mates...:cool:

Eddie RUKidding - 4-3-2023 at 22:40

Get some badger :drool:

Plook - 5-3-2023 at 01:45

Unfortunately we both fell asleep after we ate, Jellyfish nor Badger did anything...:(

Eddie RUKidding - 5-3-2023 at 04:27

Yeah thats how it goes :cool:

Plook - 8-3-2023 at 02:27

It was Kat's Grandson's Birthday Sunday we did a gathering at a near by Pizza joint...:drums:

Baby J really likes Peppa Pig and he scored an impressive amount of toys, I got him a large Tonka Excavator he is already mechanically inclined at 2 years old...:shocked:

Baby J with Cake, a very happy kinda' guy....:grin:

Baby J and I both love the same gal so we have a complicated relationship she watches him on Saturday and he never let's me forget it,

when we are together he waits until nobody is looking and flips me off saying in a low voice

"Fuck you old man she's mine on Saturday!"....:lol:

GrayGhost - 8-3-2023 at 09:32

Well played Baby J…..

It could be time for a duct-tape/roadrunner cartoon marathon,
only two though, maybe next year…..

Plook - 10-3-2023 at 02:26

We had to cancel Hump Day yesterday Kat is feeling a little under the weather, we are getting hit by another massive storm that is expected to bring 5 to 10 inches of rain in the next 24 and possible as much as 10 feet of snow to the mountains...:shocked:

They have the dams wide open releasing as much precious water as they can due to the need for room from run off and snow melt, this could get bad real quick fingers are crossed...:wow:

Here's Tuesdays sunset from my driveway...:)

Plook - 11-3-2023 at 17:06

We laid low last night Kat has a cold and we were ready for intense storms but they skirted south
of us we have light rain now but it is warm and the concern is melting snow pack in an already full water system...

In light of the water situation I am starting a new project in my backyard...;)

Eddie RUKidding - 11-3-2023 at 23:11

^ You better start rounding up the animals :freak:

GrayGhost - 12-3-2023 at 08:05

The ark of today would need to be a little larger to accommodate a selection of our friends in the LGBTIQA+ community…..
And no hyenas this time f:swear:g laughing almost drove me crazy last time…..

Eddie RUKidding - 12-3-2023 at 23:05

Don't forget the living dead and our alien friends from area 51 too :D

Plook - 14-3-2023 at 01:35

Well we got pretty lucky on that pass of storms most of the intense action, torrential rain, flooding, thunder storms, possible tornados, etc...stayed south of us...not so lucky to get to golf yesterday...:(

Ready for the next round scheduled to start tonight the big worry still is rain melting snow rapidly at lower elevations and if it does the storage reservoirs can handle the input...:puzzled:

Kat was on the sofa all weekend under the weather so we caught up on some TV shows while I kept her feed and hydrated...:cool:

We will see how it goes...

I guess that old adage is true..."There are no Atheists in a Fox Hole...;)

polydigm - 16-3-2023 at 05:46

There's an atheist in this one.

Plook - 17-3-2023 at 15:18

LOL...Poly old faithless...I am not a religious guy although I was brought up Catholic (good education for sure) but I have become a praying man of late (I pray to no one in particular very generic) after reading a study that found that hospital patients who were prayed for faired better than those that had no or less prayer, even if the patient was unaware of the prayer for the most part...positive vibes...:)

Eddie RUKidding - 17-3-2023 at 22:21

Another atheist here too Plook but keep up the vibes, can't hurt particularly when they're played well - always better than a cowbell :bald:

Plook - 18-3-2023 at 01:32

You all keep the Non-Faith, it's all good...:grin:

Well faired pretty well in that last round of storms but this snowmelt thing is the fly in the soup.

We have had two nice days with more Atmospheric Stream on the way...:freak:

Kat is still under the weather but going to work, we will keep the ship in dry dock for another week at least...:shocked:

polydigm - 19-3-2023 at 19:37

Faithless? I have faith in people.

Plook - 19-3-2023 at 20:56

Sorry Poly meant as a joke/play on words "Man of Faith" to "Man of Non-Faith" apparently it did not work nor was funny my apologize you are free to do what ever you want as long as it isn't murder...there I go again I can't help it...:freak:

polydigm - 21-3-2023 at 17:53

No worries, I can’t help it either.

Plook - 22-3-2023 at 01:24

We are back in the atmospheric Flow and more heavy rains and snow forecasted, had to pump my pool down again lost count when I crossed a dozen but I am sure it is close to 15 or 20 times so far since December.

Got a DJ for the wedding, he's young that is for sure...:umm:

polydigm - 22-3-2023 at 23:08

The feeling you get when you're dealing with a policeman that's younger than your children!

Plook - 23-3-2023 at 00:21

So true!

Plook - 23-3-2023 at 02:06

It's Wednesday and I think we are going to need the United States Camel Corp to get the mission accomplished with all this water we are getting...:shocked:

*It was a real thing during the Civil War...:cool:

Plook - 25-3-2023 at 04:54

The Kats felling better we're going to have a...:drums:

Petite jellyfish Honey Badger Wrestling Night...:guitar2:

Where is that swashbuckling Gal...:guitar:

Dam I think I'm late...:shocked:

Better late than never...:grin:

I better get that gun out or I'm going to get stabbed...:lol:

Eddie RUKidding - 25-3-2023 at 05:32

A Petite Wazoo :biggrin:

Plook - 30-3-2023 at 04:56

Yet more rain and snow in the Nor Cal, I hope to God the Golf Course survives...:cool:

It's a lay low Hump Day for Plook and the Kat...:grin:

Plook - 6-4-2023 at 01:58

Unfortunately Kat isn't feeling well again it has been on and off for 5 or 6 weeks now she went to Urgent Care to test for COVID she can't successfully test at home because of her nasal issues she can't get a good swab...:(

The camel is in triage tonight...:(

Plook - 8-4-2023 at 01:26

Argh me Matty’s shiver me timbers the ship has run afoul…:shocked:

I be needing to fix her haul and steady her keel...:wow:

So back to sea we can go...:cool:

polydigm - 8-4-2023 at 20:37

It sucks being sick - all the best.

Plook - 8-4-2023 at 23:32

Thank you Poly.

The good news her test came back negative for COVID and flu.

They have her baby grandson at her house along with her son and daughter in-law, they all keep cycling through various coughs and flu like symptoms, the baby is in day care and those places
as I think every knows are petri dishes of sickness and they may just be recycling.

I have been very lucky/resilient and besides having a short bout with COVID months ago have stayed good, I just wish Kat felt better she is getting wore down and that gal doesn't roll like that.

Plook - 13-4-2023 at 01:31

Here it comes...:bouncy:

The Plook and Kat Wedding....:shocked:

If you want a full invitation send me you email address....:)


Eddie RUKidding - 13-4-2023 at 04:28

Congratulations Plook, you and Kat have wow of a time at Point Plook in July and don't let them play any Yacht Rock (so no ride like the wind or sailing :mad:

Plook - 14-4-2023 at 00:08

By the way Kat is feeling a lot better, we may even be able to put Ye olde Pirate Ship in the water Friday...:bouncing:

Plook - 15-4-2023 at 01:34

It's Friday Kat feels better so we want to take the ship out to sea tonight...:grin:

We will gentle launch the boat...:shocked:

And swashbuckling we will go...:bouncy:

Eddie RUKidding - 15-4-2023 at 06:38

Good to hear Kat's better Plook

Plook - 16-4-2023 at 02:57

She sure is she is at a car lot getting a new car right now...:shocked:

She was watching Baby J today and I was out doing things getting ready to have an epic day working around Plook Palace. I went to wash my car this morning and noticed my front right tire had tread separation. I took it to a tire shop and because of All Wheel Drive you have to change them all so I left my car there all day and spent over $1000 replacing them.

I called Kat I knew she had been looking at cars (her son works at a big car lot in town) and she said I am going to buy the car I liked. I just met her over there but they had to finish the paperwork and detail the car so I came back home to get some stuff done.

I'm glad for her she wasn't happy with the ride she was in for a while and she got great trade in value on her Honda CRV....I will post pictures when she gets it here maybe tomorrow...:)

Plook - 19-4-2023 at 02:07

Kat traded her Honda CRV for this Toyota Rav4 she got a good deal and is very happy...:grin:

I told her with that white roof people are going to think she is Law Enforcement, I think I will buy her a light bar for it so she can scare the crap out of people when she comes up behind them...:lol:

Eddie RUKidding - 19-4-2023 at 03:59

^ Would sure make traffic get out of the way :D

Plook - 20-4-2023 at 01:15

It's Wednesday Kat is on her way for her Hump Day visit...:grin:

Ok Kat let her new police cruiser go to her head...:lol:

Plook - 22-4-2023 at 17:20

Numbers 4/22

Note: Today is an important date for me I posted this last year and a lot of people liked it, I couldn’t say it any better so I am posting it again. I apologize for any misspellings or grammatical errors in advance.

We all have Numbers a birth date, a graduation date, a marriage date, the date our child was born, the day someone we loved passed. We carry these Numbers throughout our life, we celebrate them, we dread them, we can have many numbers with many feelings attached good and bad sometimes both.

I have one of those Numbers April 22nd, it is at once one of the best days in my life and the one of the most painful days of my life so let’s do this by the Numbers.

April 22 2014 8 years ago this is a day a bad day the day that I lost my wonderful wife of 31 years another number, she had been diagnosed with breast cancer a couple years before had a partial mass, triple chemo, radiation twice and became cancer free. A couple months after her port was removed, she began having some balance issues and ultimately was diagnosed with 3 large brain tumors, another number.

She had Gamma Knife surgery and they got two completely and 98% of the third more numbers, everything was going well but she had a really bad reaction to a drug she needed to be on for the surgery and blew a hole in her colon. She ended up in the hospital had a colon surgery that failed 10 days later and the did the very massive surgery again.

Well, she never really came back after the second surgery she was in a post medical delirium and after 30 days at the hospital they moved her to a private hospital ICU in Folsom, yes more numbers.

After being there weeks, she came down with pneumonia and deteriorated very fast and was done with an air tub keeping her breathing the doctors suggested if I wanted I could have it removed, I knew Terri didn’t want this we had discussed it at length. I contacted her family to give them time to get here and we set the date Tuesday April 22 2014 at 11:00 am, so many numbers.

Terri was always in control whether you knew it or not, and so it was on Tuesday April 22nd. It was a beautiful spring day in Folsom California, the type of day Terri loved, cloudy with sun sometimes your warm, sometimes it’s cool.

We had several family and close friend’s bed side telling stories and reminiscing, laughing more and crying some.

At 11:00am our scheduled time for Terri’s departure I asked the staff when we could start and they said the doctors were late we needed to by law and both were stuck at other hospitals.

It was approximately 11:15, when I asked for the room, everyone left and I shut the door and drew the privacy curtain. Outside the clouds were obscuring the sun, so the light in the room with a large window was subtle.

I explained to Terri how much I loved her and how I have been dreaming of her every night and I want her back. I told her she fought so hard and so valiantly, that it was ok and to go to her mother, my dad, her stepmom, all her grandparents, all of her and my relatives, and even our good dog Bella…they were all waiting to guide her across…

The machines tracking her vitals began to drop steadily, the nurse knocked and entered she tried to bring Terri’s heart rate back up, she said uh ho. I called my son in law in the lobby and said get everyone in quick.

All arrived in time to see her pass and as she did the clouds parted and the sun came out, the light shone through the window and illuminated her peaceful face, it was 11:30 am.

The doctors couldn’t figure out how she passed on the machine because she not had another catastrophic failure, she just simply passed and they had never seen it before and actually said it seemed impossible, I told them my wife was always punctual.

We walked outside to see a magnificent sight of the entire area surrounded by clouds and the sun shining down on this little hospital on top of a hill.

As we looked up and imagined my wonderful wife’s spirit rising, a lone prison siren wailed from nearby Folsom Prison for just about a half a minute.

Typical Terri she always made a spectacular entrance and exit effortlessly, never late and always in control, she didn’t wait for the doctors and she didn’t let the machines stop her.

Needless to say that is a rough number for me but I have another Number it is April 22, 1978 one of the best days of my life the day I met my wife 44 years ago.

I was 19 years old and dating a girl, we were going to a hard rock concert at the Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood on Friday April 21th 1978, that afternoon she called and said she was sick and couldn’t go. After mentally analyzing a very long list of friends I could ask to attend, I choose to call Roger who was a guitarist in a Garage Rock Band. I figured he would value the guitar work of the band playing, not one of my closer friends but a logical choice.

Roger accepted the invitation we drove to Hollywood, rocked out, and drove home. We got off the 605 freeway we were only a couple blocks from my parents’ house about to turn and Roger turned to me and asked, “Would you like to go to my girlfriend’s apartment, she has a roommate?” it was 12:05 am April 22, 1978.

Being a young red blooded American boy, I said “yes”, and we turned right instead of left. That roommate I met was Terri a stunning blond beauty, tall, long legs, great shape, and smart as hell, I was in way over my head but somehow it worked she liked me and we began dating …I have never before or since appreciated which way a car turned more.

Those are my Numbers good and bad.

tinkamok - 22-4-2023 at 17:30

That is very touching Plook .
Beautifully written my friend .

Eddie RUKidding - 23-4-2023 at 00:24

A touching tribute Plook

Plook - 24-4-2023 at 20:03

Kat went with the girls to pick out her wedding dress yesterday, of course I am not allowed to see it but she said she wants to wear black...:)

Eddie RUKidding - 24-4-2023 at 23:08

A good Pirating color :cool:

Plook - 25-4-2023 at 00:43

I tried to get her to go for a pirate wedding but she wasn't going there, I even offered to buy eye patches for everyone...:lol:

Plook - 26-4-2023 at 22:06

Kat is sick again!...:shocked:

4 1/2 years the girl was like the Energizer Bunny never sick the past 8 weeks or so, it has been one thing after another...:(

Currently it is seasonal allergies, it is bad here in Nor Cal this year because of the extremely wet winter following 4 years of draught, we currently have the largest wild flower bloom state wide of ever...They can be seen from the Space Station, that combined with everything else letting loose with pollen it is pretty intense this year. I have been having to use Allergy Eye Drops and Flonase almost daily...:wow:

Plook - 29-4-2023 at 04:24

It's Friday Night and while Kat is feeling better she is not 100% and I got diagnosed with a heart arrythmia and have seen my doctor two days in a row and have to return Tuesday...:shocked:

So we have two ships on the reef...:duh:

Eddie RUKidding - 30-4-2023 at 00:56

Hope all goes well with the doc Plook

Plook - 5-5-2023 at 00:20

I have some updates on my condition, I saw a cardiologist Tuesday and while some medication has stabilized my arrythmia I will need two procedures.

Both my Primary Doctor and Cardiologist said I can still exercise and ride my bike but not to get my heart rate to high. I leave on vacation to the Central Coast on next Wednesday and they both said go and have a good time, without doing anything to strenuous.

When I get back, they are going to do a procedure (Cardiologist said in about 30 days from Tuesday) that requires them to put me out and restart my heart. The first thing that came to mind for me was IT Support “Turn it off and turn it back on”…:lol:

The Cardiologist said that most of the time that resets your heart and you are fine, but because I may have been undiagnosed for some unknown time he wants to follow with a second procedure where they run a camera device up the main artery of the leg to the heart and check for injury, growths, scare tissue, etc., which they can remove in most cases during that procedure.

As to the cause they did a full blood panel and while I am quite healthy, I had low Thyroid T4 levels (I have no idea what that means) but that can be the cause although neither Doctor wants to make an assessment of what triggered this until they have more information.

The Cardiologist did explain that 30% of all people over 60 years of age develop arrythmia/afib, the issue was when I saw my Primary Doctor for my regular check-up last Thursday my blood pressure was good as well as my pulse rate, but during the examine when he was listening to my heart he asked “Can you feel that?”, I said “What?”, he said your heart.

I did not feel anything he decide to do an EKG and I was in an Afib Arrhythmia he prescribed to two meds to take immediately and wanted me back the next day. I saw the print out from the EKG and it was all over the place, I read matrix charts and graphs all the time for work and I did not need to be a doctor to see that pattern was waked out.

The next day after having two doses of meds still had a high heart rate but the pattern was very good, and when they tested me Tuesday it was even better.

So even though I have exceeded my expiration date they are going to stretch more time out of me like an old block of cheese, trim the edges and keep using it…:shocked:

Eddie RUKidding - 5-5-2023 at 09:05

Enjoy your Hols Plook and take it easy

polydigm - 5-5-2023 at 09:36

My eldest son has had AF since his early twenties. It's a bit freaky that's for sure. I hope your procedures go well, man.

tinkamok - 5-5-2023 at 12:48

Enjoy a nice relaxing holiday Plook and good luck with your treatment .

Plook - 5-5-2023 at 18:15

Thank you all, I just did my Petit Workout and I feel step at a time...:)

Plook - 6-5-2023 at 01:31

It's Friday Night but out of an abundance of caution we are taking out this ship...:lol:

But if we get to much wrestling going then OH NO!....:shocked:


Eddie RUKidding - 6-5-2023 at 23:48

If only your doctor subscribed to this site :D

Plook - 10-5-2023 at 03:31

They set the day they are going to kill me and bring me back to life May 31...:guitar2:

Plook - 11-5-2023 at 02:15

Kat and I left on vacation today we are staying in Morro Bay on the Central Coast, I will keep you all updated...:grin:

Plook - 12-5-2023 at 04:25

Another beautiful day on the Central Coast, it is exceptional due to the wet winter. Headed to Hearst Castle today it was nearly empty due to a power outage but because we had pre purchased tickets on-line they took us up to the Castle to find we were the only two on our tour so we had an hour and a half long private tour it was awesome he showed us stuff you normally don't get to see, it was just great.

When we were on the grounds we saw a bald eagle, very rare sighting in this area but they reestablished the population years ago.

Also made it down to see the elephant seals there were hundreds on the beach.

Eddie RUKidding - 13-5-2023 at 00:54

Makes me think of Xanadu from Citizen Kane. is the Loot of the world still on display :D

Plook - 14-5-2023 at 16:47

Hello all, we are enjoying our Coastal Adventure...:cool:

When we got to Hearst Castle the parking lot was unusually empty and when we entered the Visitors Center everything was closed. The usually bustling gift shops, food court, coffee stands dark maybe a dozen or so people walking around, instead of the hundreds.

We went to the ticket center which was open and asked what was going on and they said the power was out, but if you had prepurchase tickets they were taking people up to the Castle since it was on its own power.

The movie theater was also closed where the show a film about the Hearst family and building of the property.

When we got on our bus there were only a dozen people which is a very small group, only to find out when we reached the Castle that the group was 3 different tours and our tour Designing the Dream (about the building of the property) was only Kat and I.

So we got a private tour in which our guide decided to get into a lot of detail that you normally don't see with a larger group so it was very unique and enlightening.

Friday we went golfing and while I have been playing good I got my butt handed to me by the course, but the awesome views made it worth it.

We headed to Cambria for the day yesterday to hit the neat little shops and hang out at the beach. Last night we ate dinner at Dorn's Breakers and had a wonderful dinner.

Today we are headed to SLO (San Luis Obispo) for the day.

Plook - 18-5-2023 at 00:01

We made it back yesterday, it was an awesome trip.

We are back at work today and it is already Hump Day...:grin:

Plook - 20-5-2023 at 02:04

It's Friday Night and we are heading out to the Ship at Sea...:bouncy:

Plook - 27-5-2023 at 01:25

Well here in the US of A it is Memorial Weekend which means barbecues...:cool:

the Indy 500 (the granddaddy of them all the greatest spectacular in auto racing with the largest single day attendance 300,000+ of any sporting event in the world)...:shocked:

Monday is a holiday to honor the War Dead...:(

and on a lighter note I bought my bride to be a dishwasher...LOL...:lol:

But if we get lucky tonight we may get our feet wet taking the ship out to sea...:bouncing:


Eddie RUKidding - 27-5-2023 at 23:15

As long as there is no dishwashing involved :D

Plook - 31-5-2023 at 01:15

The new refrigerator and dishwasher come tomorrow so Hump day may be punch day...:lol:

The Indy 500 was awesome a tire from an accident at 220 mph flew over 100 feet in the air cleared the grandstands full of people and crushed a car in the parking lot...only at Indy...:shocked:

They scheduled to kill me and bring me back to life June 7th in a week if I decide to stay in the light with my friends The Daughter Plook the Younger has instructions to make sure to let you all know I decided not to come back...;)

Eddie RUKidding - 31-5-2023 at 04:01

You will be fine Plook

tinkamok - 31-5-2023 at 08:39

Make sure to wear clean underwear Plook :lol:

Plook - 3-6-2023 at 03:19

The refrigerator and dishwasher came in Wednesday the Refer had a dent but I took it and I'm negotiating a discount with Lowes...:singer:

Wednesday is the day they scheduled for me to die and presumably be brought back...:freak:

So tonight I better get my potentially last round of Friday Night Jellyfish Honey Badger Wrestling in...:bouncing:

So one more time let's get out the boat...:drums:

And away we go mates...:guitar:

Oh Yeah...:guitar2:

tinkamok - 3-6-2023 at 09:44

My best wishes to you Plook .

Plook - 3-6-2023 at 20:57

Thank you Tinkamok I appreciate it...:)

So I have the landscapers here today tightening the backyard up for the wedding, they trimmed the trees, pulled all the old rock out of the flower beds flattened everything out and are putting new Fog Cobble in and playground bark under the trees where the hammock is, they are adding "batter" boards (sometimes called bender boards) to hold the rocks and cleaning up all the river rock that goes around the perimeter.

I used to refresh the rocks and bark about every 3 years but after Terri got sick I stopped doing it and it was last done in 2011...:wow:

They got an early start...:drums:

They repurposed the old rock around the house and in the front yard flower beds

These trees were trimmed and I am going to add a privacy blind for the neighbors...:)

Hopefully it doesn't effect Plookhedge on the summer solstice the sun rises between the trees, people from all over come to see it here is last years crowd...:lol:

I will get some good pictures when they are done, I also opened my pool area it looks smashing...:grin:

Eddie RUKidding - 3-6-2023 at 23:38

Looking good Plook

polydigm - 4-6-2023 at 10:18

Plook, my son has had this procedure several times and it does not involve dying.

Plook - 6-6-2023 at 00:47

Poly I understand most people have no issue with Cardioversion, the death rate is 1.4% which is low so when they stop your heart and it doesn't start you are dead...I fully expect to be here the next day but for an example the IT guy at work once told me to turn my computer off and turn it back on and I turned off my computer and it never came back on...:shocked:

Plook - 6-6-2023 at 01:09

The backyard came out really nice I pretty much reset every cobble stone on the perimeter I am getting close on having everything ready for the wedding...:guitar2:

The Hombres did a great job I am totally happy with the quick, clean, professional work

Next I will have to go over the great water disaster that happened on Sunday during our I don't have to run day activities, that kept us running...:freak:

tinkamok - 6-6-2023 at 08:24

Garden is looking great Plook .
Best of luck for tomorrow .

Plook - 6-6-2023 at 18:41

My results from my Cardiogram came back all Normal, they image your heart and measure every vain and valve for blockage, this is excellent news since it means I did not have something else causing the issue such as a damaged valve or blocked vain which means the simple restart should fit the bill...I am very relieved concerning this news.

BBP - 6-6-2023 at 21:31

Good news Plook!

Plook - 6-6-2023 at 23:12

Yes, I was worried that maybe some other new issue was causing the Arrythmia, but apparently now I just need to survive the heart restart tomorrow.

Plook - 7-6-2023 at 21:12

Had my Cardioversion procedure this morning and all went well the doctor shouted "Its Alive"!

I got footage from the Hospital...:wow:

The downside the ship has to stay in drydock for a couple of days...:shocked:

tinkamok - 7-6-2023 at 21:25

Good to hear all is well Plook .:-)

Eddie RUKidding - 8-6-2023 at 04:12

Good to hear Plook

polydigm - 8-6-2023 at 13:58

I’m shocked!

Plook - 8-6-2023 at 23:39

I actually have a mark on my chest from the jolt, I can now wear my lightening bolt t-shirt with more meaning to it.

Plook - 22-6-2023 at 01:36

Well folks its been a minute we are very busy here at Plook Palace preparing for the wedding and getting the house ready for Kat to move in...:grin:

We did the yard and some repairs around the house early on and in the middle of that I was at the store and Kat was taking a shower when she called and said the cold water would not turn off. When I got home I could turn the knob but the water flowed on. I shut the water main and took it apart and there was an extra screw inside the pipe that was obstructing the the valve, it had to be in there for years possible decades because refitted the shower in 2008 and put new valves in even though the old ones were not broken and all the parts were on the ones we removed. Apparently it got dislodged from its resting place and got between the valve and pipe, very mysterious but such is life.

We have been doing deep cleaning to get closets cleared I have not touched in years it is turning out to be a bit of a treasure hunt and a tour down memory lane.

We also cleaned out most of my garage which had becomes eveyones catch all for storing stuff and also the final resting place for tons of junk and

Well I will try to get more updates in as we go we are now working on my office closet which is a true gold mine and I found something in there you may all remember...To Be Continued...:puzzled:

Plook - 29-6-2023 at 00:36

Well we are at the 10 day countdown to the Plook Wedding, we continue a long series of projects with some highlights as follows:

When we were cleaning out my office closet (The so called Gold Mine) I found the talisman that Gray Ghost sent Terri along with the awesome 4 page story and map...Kat read the story and said it moved her and she was amazed, I took the piece to a jeweler had it put on a silver chain and I have been wearing it ever since (it is a healing piece and my back got better 3 days after I put it on)...:cool:

I cleaned out my garage and now every time I open the door from the house a choir sings "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"....:lol:

We applied for our wedding license on-line and are meeting at the County Clerk tomorrow to show them our ID's and get our copy...:)

The Daughter Plook the Younger is our wedding planner and she is kicking butt getting everything ready...:bouncing:

The painters got here today and power washed and will paint the house trim tomorrow and possibly touch up the pool deck...:grin:

Saturday H-dog and Q-A-Don (My Quanon Maintence guy) are coming over to do some inside repairs (fix floor in hall that got water damage, replace fan in dining room that is on the fritz, and some other small items) and we are going to pre-build the "Shanty" that will house the DJ and possible a bar, we will number the pieces and take it down so we can rebuild it quickly next weekend...:guitar2:

On another note I still have not heard from Gray Ghost it has been 3 months since he last visited the Goose and since he emailed me saying he needed some rest, hopefully he will pop-up soon.

tinkamok - 29-6-2023 at 10:46

^^ Fingers crossed Grey Ghost is ok ^^

Plook - 11-7-2023 at 21:48

Well there is a Mr. & Mrs. Plook the wedding went off on Saturday like a champ, the Daughter Plook the Younger was my wedding planner and everyone could not believe she was not a professional because she did such a bang up job.

I will load you all up with pictures when I get them, I did not even carry my phone during the wedding and reception.

Tinkamok, Kat wanted we to thank you for the wonderful card you sent, it arrived the day of the wedding so you got the first card in very kind of you.

We are heading to Southern California on our honeymoon tomorrow a returning next week, we have a jammed packed schedule including the Paramount Studios Tour we are very excited about.

One of the guys from my posse is trying to set up a meeting with us and 3 other couples from back in the day, that will be awesome.

I will try to keep you all updated, talk to you soon.

tinkamok - 12-7-2023 at 08:30

Glad it went well Plook and many congratulations !

polydigm - 12-7-2023 at 14:21

Congratulations Plook!!

Plook - 12-7-2023 at 16:21

Thank you all, we are heading out to travel too So Cal for our Honeymoon, talk to you soon...:grin:

Plook - 13-7-2023 at 15:32

We made it to So Cal it was a long drive because we hit LA traffic but we had a book on tape going so it was bearable.

Going golfing today at the course my dad played from 1955 to 1978, I grew-up there to a certain degree.

Tonight we go see a Benny Rietveld's Orchestra at the Baked Potato in Studio City it is a small hole in the wall from the 70's, don't know much about them but this;

Benny Rietveld’s Orchestra


Tomorrow is Paramount Studios...more to come...:cool:

BBP - 13-7-2023 at 18:54

Wow Plook, congratulations on your marriage!

Eddie RUKidding - 14-7-2023 at 08:52

Well done Plook :cool:

Plook - 15-7-2023 at 15:53

The show at the Baked Potato with Benny Rietveld was awesome at one point they added a Gal singer and had an extra sax player they had 12 people on the tiny stage 2 singers, drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, percussions, and a 5 piece horn section. Their jazz and blues were very reminiscent of FZ Hot Rats period, they did an excellent cover of "You can't always get what you want" as well as a song from a Broadway show he had seen that was incredible.

Yesterday we did our Paramount Studios tour which was totally cool and the lunch was made by Opera's chef. We have tons of pictures of all sorts of stuff.

We got our share of bumper to bumper traffic since we drove thru downtown LA 5 times in 3 days.

We headed to Bayshore to hang out at the boat slip yesterday afternoon it was spectacular then ate dinner on 2nd Street in Belmont Shores at "Open Sesame" an excellent Lebanese Restaurant.

We are getting reedy to drive up to the high dessert to see Terri's Dad, Kat suggested I should go since he is getting along in years and has some medical issues and it may be the last time I get to see him...Kat is smart!

We meet the old posse for dinner tonight that should be great fun!

Plook - 17-7-2023 at 17:06

We took the drive to the High Desert Saturday to see Terri’s Dad it was 104 degrees when we left to come back at 11:00 am. It was very nice and he liked Kathy a lot.

When we got back, we headed over to my Dee’s boat and hung out all afternoon it was beautiful, sunny, warm day by the sea on the dock.

We headed back to the room and got ready for dinner at Rock & Brews a 70’s music themed restaurant that was very visually nice, we met my old posse Frank & Robert with there wives but unfortunately Dale could not make it due to work (He is a long shoremen when they start a job they can work multiple weeks in a row 7 days a week).

The food was good we had a blast reminiscing and catching up on the whereabouts and fortunes of our many friends (unfortunately we lost to many). The conversation was good and we stayed for a couple hours enjoy drinks and talking (everyone only had 2 because we had to drive…lol)

When we walked out, we kept breaking into conversations as we crossed the large parking lot stopping for 10 minutes at a pop, it took us another half an hour to finally get in our cars and leave.

Needless to say, everyone gave Kat the seal of approval.

Yesterday we went to the infamous Wedge in Newport Beach on the Balboa Peninsula, parking there is challenging and you can end up walking for a mile or more so we left early Sunday morning and found a parking spot less than a block away.

The Wedge is world renown, Kat and I watch videos from there all the time so I had to take her there in person. The waves were small but the skim boarders got some action going, we struck up a conversation with a twenty something surfer and he took our picture. We ended talking with him for about 20 minutes he was very nice young man.

We then went to the Gaslamp for brunch to meet our boat friends and I contacted Dave-o (coevad from the Zappa Forum and I bought him brunch in a Plook on Tour throw-back) there were a lot of people there with an R&B Band that was good and dancing, it was very cool. Dave and Kat hit it off really good her dad is a musician so they talked music a lot.

Today we are going to hang around the beach and do some of the neat little gift shops, we may get a chance to meet up with Dale if we are lucky, talk to you later.

Plook - 22-7-2023 at 19:22

Trip update sorry for the delay and you will see a boat load of picture coming to a Post near you…:freak:

So, on Monday we got up early and decided to hit the beaches and do some gift shopping…:bouncing:

Mission one to find the Robert August surfboard shop, he was in Endless Summer I & II he lives in Costa Rica at a surf camp and is still shredding at 78 years young. I had him shape a board for me in 1975 that I took to Hawaii in 1978, he made my twin fin in 1979 (my magic board) and shaped another thruster optional in 1984.

It was very cool to see their old surfboard collection and they had one very similar to the Hawaii Board, I bought a couple shirts and Kat picked up a few things, the lady who has been working with Robert for some time gave us a bottle of wine for our marriage.

Then we met Dale & Becky for lunch at Duke’s at Huntington Pier, they are setting up the beach for the Surfing US Open but we had an obstructed view of the waves which we actually good with not wind. The food is excellent there.

Lunch and talking with them was wonderful, Dale and I did a lot of surfing and skateboarding together, we also went so many concerts including FZ at UCLA Pauley Pavilion in 1977…Unfortunately I found out two brothers who ran with us for a long time died back-to-back not too long ago and they were huge FZ fans...:(

We then said goodbye to Dale & Becky and headed to the Huntington Beach shops looking for good deals on unique surf clothing and we found some deals. I got an awesome light jacket for $35, unheard of for top brands, some shirts, a hoody, and a nice pair of shorts.

On to Sunset Beach and the Nautical store where the real stuff is extremely expensive and he has everything. We were willing to spend about $150 on something nice but we weren’t in the ballpark. Finally, Kat and I were looking at an Anchor Oil Lamp from Holland that was nice it was on sale for $280 and Kat asked the 85-year-old sea captain looking proprietor who was sharp as a knife what his rock bottom price was and he said $180 since you just got married (we were working the marriage card for all it was worth), so we scooped it up...:roll:

A quick off-ramp, we looked it up on-line this morning and it is a large 6 3/4 “ x 19” and the real ones were $350 to $600 with some as much as $1000+, ours has both vertical cage gridding and horizontal cage gridding which may or may not make it rarer but we know we did good it is already placed in the back patio and it is functional so we will have good light if the power goes out at night.

Next stop Seal Beach and the Main Street Gift Shop near SB Pier, the gal there has awesome stuff very unique and reasonable pricing. We bought gifts for everyone and got us some cool stuff. We hit shops like hers all the time but she has more stuff you don’t see at other shops than anyone which tells me she is probably using a lot of local artisans and crafters, it’s good stuff...:)

Last stop…get ready for it…the Turkish Lamp Shop in Belmont Shore on 2nd Street the main thorough fair. It was afternoon on a Monday so it was a lot less crowded than on Saturday when we went in and saw some stuff we wanted. These Arabic fellows love to bargain (I heard it is an insult in their culture if you don’t) and we again got the feeling we we’re trying to work a car deal at a car lot…:singer:

The head guy was there kicking back on a sofa after about 20 minutes of bargaining he offered is Turkish Tea which is good but we passed we were in the hunt. We ended up dropping $400 and I got a awesome desk lamp and an extra glass art cover that Kat picked out so we can alternat them, she got a hand forged copper piece. She said out of the salesman ear shot she would use it for a candy dish for the kids and when we asked him what it is for, he said it was a candy dish for holidays and special occasion…lol…;).

He thru in some trinkets and box of Moroccan pastries with Burma Baklava, Kunafa, and another that I never saw before with a swirled croissant type thing with pistachio honey mix as a topping that is wonderful.

We headed back to work Wednesday after the long drive home Tuesday which we made great time but the final leg I was having trouble staying alert so Kat got us home from Sacramento, I am definitely getting old now and Kat drives like she is in a NASCAR race…:lol:

Pictures to come I have a lot to sort through but I will get there…:cool:

Eddie RUKidding - 23-7-2023 at 00:17

Sounds like a real blast Plook

Plook - 27-7-2023 at 15:25

I had my Pulmonary Test yesterday and my lung capacity was really good but the shocker was my lung x-ray...I had one A little over 20 years ago in my 40's, I had worked in the Shipyards in the 80's and had been doing construction since I was 18.

The technician asked if I had been exposed to dust in my career and I told them that when I had that last x-ray the Doctor said my lugs were caked and I would be lucky to make it to 50.

She said my results were in if I wanted to see so she pulled it up and it said "Normal LUNG Function" I was taken aback she blew up the x-ray and said while she could not diagnose me, my lungs were exceptionally clear with full capacity.

She asked when I switched to Telecommunications I told her a couple years before that and she said it appeared my lungs had cleared up and it can happen... :)

Plook - 28-7-2023 at 20:33

Today my company had a massive layoff due to the Telecommunication Carriers pulling back due to the economies uncertainty, nearly 1000 Technicians and their support infrastructure are being released in late September.

I fully expected to probably get let go but as a Quality person we also monitor the sub-contractors and they will be taking up the slack so in a weird way my value to the company may have increased.

Some of the people leaving I have worked with for over 12 years, this is extremely sad.

Fortunately the fact that we are a European based company they are giving out generous severance packages and have put together a Team to try and place those who will be released with other companies including the sub-contractors.

A dirt bag American company would have cut them loose and never looked back. The difference with this company is we had a Teams Town Hall this morning and the VP of Operations looked like he was just forced to put his kids up for adoption you could actually feel his pain for these people.

I feel like I dodged a bullet for now...:(

Plook - 30-7-2023 at 00:04

We are headed out to the Amphitheater to see Tears For Fears with the Cold War Kids, should be fun and the Hard Rock Casino is right next door I believe there is a Crap Table in my future...:lol:

Plook - 17-8-2023 at 22:14

Sorry for not posting for a while but I have been busy at work and trying to move Kat in while cleaning stuff out, we are getting there...:duh:

The Tears For Fears concert was really fun and they played excellent, I got to play craps for about 45 minutes before the concert and I probably won $300 to $400 but went for the gold at the end and ended walking out $11 ahead. At the end 2 people crapped out when I had over $200 on the table both times, if either roll would have went for another 10 to 15 minutes I would have won thousands I had the table covered like a glove...:wow:

I saw the new heart doctor today he does hybrid convergent ablation which is a fancy way of saying they eliminate the things that cause you to reach A-Fib. Although the Cardiogram seems to have worked this is a recommended procedure that can keep you from having a reoccurrence.

They were saying I may not get in until next year because they are booked so I sweet talked the scheduler and while I was supposed go on a cancelation waiting list she had one that just came in on September 1 so she gave it to me, that is only 3 weeks out...:guitar2:

I will try to get going on posting pictures soon...Now I have to get back to work helping them with figuring out how to replace me with a micro-chip...:lol:

Eddie RUKidding - 17-8-2023 at 23:58

You're irreplaceable Plook,
PS Here is a bit of Cosmik Debris for you, my eldest son is in Texas for a cyber security conference from Oz, and has brought me a real Mexican poncho (not a Sears one) for my Birthday :biggrin:

Plook - 18-8-2023 at 03:48

Oh that is awesome, we will need pictures of that...Maybe we can start a goose go fund me to get you a matching Sombrero...:guitar:

Eddie RUKidding - 18-8-2023 at 07:57

Well I am South of the Border :D

Plook - 2-9-2023 at 23:12


The procedure went well I got home yesterday but I doubt I will be doing any golfing until next Sunday my groin area where they went in is sore as well as my heart where they cauterized the veins that caused the electrical rhyme of the heart to go out of sync.

The surgical room looked like it was from Sar Tek it was very high tech so you know me I love that stuff and I asked a million question during the in room prep because they load you up with sensor, stick on pads, EKG and wrap you in layers of stuff like a

They even had this mini heart MRI they could swing over the table, there were at least 7 people in there a combination of 2 doctors one for each side, 2 surgical nurses, 2 technicians and an anesthesiologist. With several huge monitors along with ever other conceivable device in there.

I am glad I got the cancelation date I was not going to be able to schedule until January and if I did this year, I would save at least 3 or 4K on the procedure because I have almost maxed out my Share of cost...:grin:

Well sorry for going on so long I feel like I got a new lease on life which is exhilarating...:guitar2:

Eddie RUKidding - 2-9-2023 at 23:26

Good news Plook and now you can say you have visited the Starship Enterprise, You sure you weren't abducted by Aliens giving you a probing.....
Was Inca Roads playing in the background by chance :D

tinkamok - 3-9-2023 at 11:41

That is great news Plook .

Plook - 5-9-2023 at 16:44

It has been a little bit of rough sledding but I am feling better day by day.

Today I am heading back to work it is a little tough sitting because it puts pressure on the area where they entered through my groin but I have a vera desk so I can stand as much as possible.

Still have high hopes I can golf next Sunday but as of now I am too tender.

Plook - 7-9-2023 at 19:50

I am really bouncing back now...:bouncy:

I feel good I am working full days and we got to have a Jellyfish encounter last night...:guitar2:

I had lost somewhere around 15 to 17 pounds before the wedding then shot up to 208 pounds after the surgery, but I am down to 197 pounds this morning...:bouncing:

I feel pretty good about being able to golf Sunday, if it was today I would pass but I am 90% and getting better...:roll:

I get more follow-up testing today, I can't even remember what it is I just know I need to be at radiology at 2 pm...:puzzled:

Ok back to work...:drums:

polydigm - 13-9-2023 at 14:18

Good stuff Plook!

Eddie RUKidding - 13-9-2023 at 19:58

Good to hear that you're back on the high seas again Plook

BBP - 14-9-2023 at 07:39

Glad to hear you're doing better, Plook!

Plook - 16-9-2023 at 01:16

Thank you all I am feeling very good, I have been riding my bike every day, I got to golf last Sunday and I played well.

I booked a trip to LA for a reunion of the old neighborhood in two weeks, that should be interesting.

In fact I am feeling so good lets bring back a blast from the past....:drums:

tinkamok - 16-9-2023 at 09:16

Glad you doing well Plook :bouncing:

Plook - 22-9-2023 at 23:58

Today is my Birthday which I am trying to ignore because I am now 65...:lol:

ursinator2.0 - 23-9-2023 at 00:25

Happy birthday the mighty plook!!!


Happy birthday from the Swedish Chef

Eddie RUKidding - 23-9-2023 at 09:02

Happy birthday Plook - you got 5 on me :devil:

tinkamok - 23-9-2023 at 09:39

Have a great birthday ye olde pirate :lol:

polydigm - 23-9-2023 at 20:00

Have a good one Plook!!

BBP - 24-9-2023 at 22:21

Happy belated birthday!

Plook - 25-9-2023 at 03:05

Thank you all...:)

We just had a fantastic spaghetti dinner the Daughter Plook the Younger made...:bouncy:

Next weekend I am flying to LA our old neighborhood is having a reunion one of the family's still live there should be fun...:grin:

Plook - 30-9-2023 at 16:14

Headed to the airport to fly to LA for my Neighborhood Reunion.

I talked to one of my close contacts and he heard they had 70 people confirm, I hope they have name tags or I'm screwed...:lol:

Eddie RUKidding - 30-9-2023 at 20:38

Just tell them your name is Plook then everything will be fine :D

Plook - 7-10-2023 at 18:37

The trip to LA for the reunion was epic, there were about 80 people there with approximately 30 people I grew up with and the rest everyone's extended family's.

I saw people I had seen for 30 years or more so it was awesome. The neighborhood Mom that her 90th birthday set up the event was all there (her memory was amazing she is old but mentally young) and being an Elvis fan they had an Elvis impersonator that did great and was very funny.

They had a mobile Mexican food cook who had an impressive set-up and was continuously cooking for about 2 hours.

I drove back to my room by LAX (Airport) that evening and did the quick return in the morning.

I was driving home from the airport it was early (about noon) I had my Golf Clubs in the car so I decided to stop at the course (it is on the way back) and got a fun round in. That was the first time I have teed off there later than the butt crack of dawn in years...:lol:

Eddie RUKidding - 7-10-2023 at 21:55

Did you bump into Alice Cooper :shy:

Plook - 13-10-2023 at 15:17

Got some bad news at work, they are doing a massive layoff in the US, they are eliminating an entire group in 3 phases or tiers, tier 1 in November, tier 2 in January and tier 3 in March.

It turns out the group being eliminated (Construction Management) and their work offshored to Mexico and South America, I was moved into in 2021. The group I was in (Quality) had been thinned down so much over the years that they moved us for ease of administration.

I am currently in tier 2 but you can get moved to a later tier. We can also take another job if available in the company but you cannot get bumped back in.

I still hold a Quality Consultant II title and myself and my counterpart do most of are work outside the Construction Management Team, in fact our only role associated with them is an oversite role. We are the Swiss army knife of the US operation we take on square peg tasks that do not fit in round holes and there have been countless special projects we have worked on over the past 12+ years.

There is still hope, several stakeholders who know our value have been pushing back but the bottom line seems to be since there is no “bump back in” the action will need to be moving us into another position in another group in which we can perform our same duties but may need to perform some new duties, which is fine.

Right now, I would figure our odds to be 50/50, but if we can just get moved to tier 3 in March it would increase our chances of being able to make a lateral move.

I am keeping my chin up and rising to the challenge as always, send me some good vibes if you have any to spare.

tinkamok - 13-10-2023 at 16:08

Hi Plook .
All of my spare vibes on their way across the pond to you .

Eddie RUKidding - 13-10-2023 at 21:04

Keep our chin up Plook. Sure you will be ok.
if you want to head across the Pacific I'm drowning in work (have been for last 2 years) and my work can't find anyone to assist. Just pulled in $6 million in penstock orders in last month- all for new STP's in western Sydney due to massive growth in population there. We are desperate for staff, across Engineering (Mechanical particularly), QA, Sales and project management, etc . and Cohuna is great (if quiet) place to live. Our staff here(~70) include some from Chile, Iran, Sri Lanka and India.

BBP - 14-10-2023 at 10:08

Sorry to hear that Plook, that's awful. (good vibe send)

polydigm - 14-10-2023 at 15:46

Hang in there man!!

tinkamok - 14-10-2023 at 17:29

Hey Plook , when are we going to see the wedding photo's ?

Plook - 16-10-2023 at 19:00

tinkamok - I am backed up on tons of photos and may soon have plenty of time to post, hopefully I can avoid that. I really need to kick it into gear. I was going to go back and chronologically add them but may change my strategy and start with the wedding.

tinkamok - 16-10-2023 at 21:38

Quote: Originally posted by Plook  
tinkamok - I am backed up on tons of photos and may soon have plenty of time to post, hopefully I can avoid that. I really need to kick it into gear. I was going to go back and chronologically add them but may change my strategy and start with the wedding.

Plook , i am hoping you stay busy with your current job and post the photos as time allows .
Fingers crossed for you .

Plook - 31-10-2023 at 00:31

Well there has been a Blue Moon Full Moon event going on for a few days, it is a huge harvest moon around these parts...:wow:

Somehow that got Kat and I wound up on Friday and we got the ship out...:freak:

And ended up having a spontaneous Jellyfish event...:shocked:

It has been a minute...;)

Plook - 11-11-2023 at 05:15

Friday Night is her...:guitar2:

Eddie RUKidding - 11-11-2023 at 20:58

Face her into the wind :biggrin:

Plook - 21-11-2023 at 02:28

I saw this and I will post it as I found it, enjoy...:grin:

A teacher gave a balloon to every student, who had to inflate it, write their name on it, and throw it in the hallway. The teacher then mixed all the balloons. The students were then given 5 minutes to find their own balloon. Despite a hectic search, no one found their balloon.

At that point, the teacher told the students to take the first balloon that they found and hand it to the person whose name was written on it. Within 5 minutes, everyone had their own balloon.

The teacher said to the students: "These balloons are like happiness. We will never find it if everyone is looking for their own. But if we care about other people's happiness, we'll find ours too."

May your day be filled with happiness. ❤️

I got your balloon...;)

BBP - 21-11-2023 at 11:09

Here, have a balloon!

tinkamok - 21-11-2023 at 13:59

That is brilliant Plook ^^^

polydigm - 21-11-2023 at 15:46

That is a great analogy.

Eddie RUKidding - 21-11-2023 at 20:43

here is a Zappa Balloon for you... :mad:

Plook - 21-11-2023 at 22:47

She's to much of an air head for me...:lol:

Plook - 23-11-2023 at 02:27

Everyone have good Thanksgiving although I know it is a US holiday, but get yourself some bird...:lol:

That's just wrong...:shocked:

Eddie RUKidding - 23-11-2023 at 02:57


polydigm - 25-11-2023 at 07:03

You eat twerky for thanksgiving? :bouncy:

I am not a big fan of turkey. Once a year at Xmas is more than enough for me.

Eddie RUKidding - 25-11-2023 at 21:53

I prefer Kangaroo, is a lot better than Emu :drool:

BBP - 27-11-2023 at 20:11

I like turkey actually - it's often served with peanut sauce here.

Plook - 28-11-2023 at 18:56

It’s the Plook on Tour Jumbo Update #1

On Thanksgiving we were slated to go to Kats sisters but that fell throw so The Daughter Plook the Younger came over since Izzy was in Colorado visiting her dad.

We were going to make a Thanksgiving turkey dinner with one of the side dish's lasagna like my mom used to make. But a dinner like that for 3 people is going to have a lot of left overs, so we decided to do Italian Thanksgiving and had Lasagna (my mom’s recipe) with my famous Caesar Salad and garlic bread. We had extra meat so my daughter made meat balls!

Friday Kat had to work because banks cannot close for more than 3 days in a row so I went golfing, it was windy and cold but beautiful.

I shot 85 with 8 pars 6 bogeys and 4 double bogeys some of the holes playing into the head wind were rough.

Saturday we went to a furniture store in Roseville which is a city north east of Sacramento about 45 minutes away, we need a couple dressers to finalize Kats move in. They did not have what we wanted in stock there but we will purchase on-line so we got our credit pre-approved.

On the way home we stopped at Thunder Valley Casino we have not done that for a while, bad stuff can happen in casinos...:duh:

Kat played a penny machine and miraculously won $225 in about 20 minutes…:grin:

I went over to the crap table and it was minimum $15 a bet (about $120 to cover the numbers and hardway’s alone)…:freak:

I threw done $200 to buy in worked the table for about an hour and a half and cashed out with $725 that is a win…:bouncing:

There were 6 rollers with me as the last one for my time at the table and each time the table crapped out I left $120 to $200 on the table so I went through about another $900 of the casinos money that stayed with them, one guy cashed out when I did and he was placing $25 bets and more and he had nearly $4000 when he left…It was fun and a success.

We left Happy Campers...:)

Sunday I went golfing again no wind but it was 30 degree’s that is nothing to Bonny but very cold for a California surfer dude…:wow:

Left at the butt crack of dawn but there was a 2-hour frost delay.

Walked out to the driving range with my frozen balls to try and warm-up...

Once the frost burned off it was a wonderful day…:cool:

I shot 83 with 9 pars 6 bogeys and 3 double bougies...Not bad for a broken down old man...;)

Went to Kats afterwards to move some of her stuff out of the rental (they have to be completely out by 11/15) and her Lemon tree had some huge lemons that caused a branch to break off, I have never seen lemons this large…:shocked:

Flash Back Bonus here is a seen from the Wedding after the “I do’s” and Kiss we danced down the aisle to Luna Mezza Mare (Crazy Mary) an Italian song that I had heard my whole life at weddings, I never realized how…shall we say spicy it was, check out the lyrics…:roll:

Eddie RUKidding - 29-11-2023 at 19:52

Nice one Plook but no hole in one :biggrin:

Plook - 29-11-2023 at 22:25

Here are 3 hole in one near misses that made me cry...:(

This was the beginning of summer hole number 8 a 135 yard par 3 into the wind hit a low knock down and the ball went around the cup and stopped there...:shocked:

This one was middle of summer a number 14 a 145 yard par 3 there is a sand trap that protects the front of the green so I clubbed up and threw the ball supper high in the air to come more straight down the divot is where the ball landed in front of the hole, instead of rolling straight in it turned to the right and missed the cup...:wow:

This was about 4 weeks ago a 165 yard par 3 water on the right a huge pot bunker in the front right and heavy rough on the left the entry is a narrow keyhole the has an elevation rise front to back of about 7 feet, I went 2 clubs up and choked down to get a low line drive, the ball landed in the front of the green and rolled right to the hole breaking left to right about 6 feet towards the hole the entire 30 feet or so (There is still moisture on the green and you can follow the the line of the ball path if you zoom in and you look close you can see the divot in the fore ground)...This one was a killer...:freak:

I'm so pissed off now I need to go golfing...:lol:(

Eddie RUKidding - 30-11-2023 at 08:11


tinkamok - 30-11-2023 at 10:17

Looks like you two are living the life Plook and long may it continue .:bouncing:

Plook - 1-12-2023 at 01:11

tinkamok we're scraping by and the Movie Star Hair isn't what it used to be but its there...:lol:

Plook - 2-12-2023 at 19:03

I was contacted late yesterday afternoon by my Line Manager, she let me know my efforts to stay with the company were noticed and my Business Case I wrote has been getting passed around so they extended me to Tier 3 at the end of March to give me more time to save my job...:bouncing::roll::bouncy:

Eddie RUKidding - 2-12-2023 at 20:42

Well done Plook but sounds like your company sucks big time to me. Is there any other completor company out there looking for someone like you.............. I'd jump ship, they sound like Arseholes- you should not have to write a business case to keep your job - the Managers must be complete Dicks :duh:

I'm beyond caring these days as about to retire. Very different situation here in OZ, where there is not enough people to fill the available jobs............

tinkamok - 2-12-2023 at 21:35

Best of luck with it Plook .

tinkamok - 2-12-2023 at 21:36

Best of luck with it Plook .

BBP - 2-12-2023 at 23:33

Sounds like a rough situation to be in, Plook...

Plook - 5-12-2023 at 02:21

Thank you all!...:)

We had a meeting this morning with all the players from the different groups working to keep myself and my counterpart Ron permanently employed (as possible...:duh:).

The turn out included some big players and they were all pleased to hear we got Extended (Like that gal in any kind of pain...:lol:).

One of the upper management people couldn't help but ask "didn't anyone plan for your roles when this decision was made?" they literally have no one we have trained or any plans to replace us...:puzzled:

Now for the funny...So Friday night we decided to celebrate since we had been laying low for a few weeks and ended up with the ships sails out and headed for some wrestling...:bouncy:

I was wearing dress pants with under armor because it was in the low 30's, I got in such a hurry to get in my wrestling suit that I forgot about the under armor got hung up started tipping over as Kat looked on and I went throw the closet door and hit the floor...:shocked:

Kat laughed her ass off and all turned out fine, but I have a bruise on my ass the size of a grape fruit...:wow:

Eddie RUKidding - 5-12-2023 at 21:13

Well done Plook - go easy on the armour :D


Bloody image is not working lol

polydigm - 6-12-2023 at 00:53

Yowie to the bruise. We're not as nimble as we used to be, Plook. Auto pilot tends not to adjust with age rapidly enough to avoid unnecessary pain, so one has to try to be less inclined to take off before checking the equipment.

I take it from the above, that this means you won't be laid off? If so, great news!!

Plook - 6-12-2023 at 01:54

Poly we just made it through step one "Get extended to Tier 3 in March" and that is a huge Yah.

Now the work to convince the powers that be, one supposedly have one Director already allied with us.

These freaking huge companies have so many layers in the management tree I usually stay way clear of them.

Eddie RUKidding - 6-12-2023 at 02:54

I just told my work today I'm retiring at the xmas - break
Now they want me to come back working part time or contract.
I've got the opposite problem :mad:

Plook - 6-12-2023 at 18:42

Eddie great news for you, take a consulting position part time...:cool:

Eddie RUKidding - 6-12-2023 at 20:20

Thanks Plook, yep could handle some consulting

Plook - 6-12-2023 at 21:02

When consulting you can still fuck-off all day, consulting from the beach, consulting from the pub, etc...just no consulting from the wrestling match they may think you're exceptionally excited about their project...:lol:

Eddie RUKidding - 7-12-2023 at 02:39

Especially if there is Jelly involved :D

Plook - 13-12-2023 at 16:24

I got my official email/letter that I have been extended until March at work...:guitar2:

Eddie RUKidding - 13-12-2023 at 19:52

Good to hear Plook, Ship Ahoy :D

Plook - 14-12-2023 at 01:28

We are doing the final push on getting Kat out of her old house need to be complete by Friday, I have stuff stacked all over the house and two storage units, as well as we order new bedroom furniture that arrives Friday...:shocked:

Eddie RUKidding - 14-12-2023 at 08:36

You;ll need a drink after all that :forumsmiley464:

BBP - 14-12-2023 at 20:39

At least when you fall out of bed, you'll fall into another bed.

Plook - 16-12-2023 at 18:48

It’s a Plook on Tour Randomonium update

We finish moving everything out Kats house worked on that every night this week with a final clean up last night. The final walk through is this morning so we are headed over there soon...:drums:

The furniture came yesterday, I expected it in boxes needing assembly but lo and behold it was assembled, so now we have a full day getting rid of the old and bringing in the new...:shocked:

Tomorrow is Golf Day last week we had an hour and a half frost delay, burr...:wow:

Someone sent me this picture from about 1976 it looked like it could have been an album cover from the 70’s of some exciting new rock band...:guitar2:

I had to share some Christmas cheer (this ones for Bonny)...:lol:

Plook - 26-12-2023 at 18:13

It’s a Plook on Tour Christmas Round-up

Last weekend we got the new furniture in and the old furniture in Storage, as I had said it was assembled but we had to build the bed of course. The bad news no directions, but I have built my share of stuff over the years and was able to do it the first time. My secret, separate the hardware before you start and figure out what hardware goes where before you construct…:drums:

We got the tree up, decorated and presents wrapped Wednesday (late is better than never)…:guitar2:

Golfed at the butt crack of dawn on Saturday since the course was closed over Christmas it was crisp and cold (never got out of the 40’s) but we had fun…:bouncing:

Christmas was nice I had placed the ornament my sister gave me on the tree…:kiss:

Kat found this on Facebook, well I am not an organized religion type of guy it is amazingly creative…:wow:

We make Christmas Pizza’s every year a Family Tradition from Terri’s family…:grin:

The dinner included the Daughter Plook the Youngers world famous scallop potatoes…:roll:

I made a Prime Rib Roast and we also had string beans, Okie Salad, and rolls...:bouncy:

And for some funny…:lol:

I hope everyone's Holiday is grand...:)

tinkamok - 26-12-2023 at 18:37

Very nice Plook .
Seasons greetings and a very happy 2024 to all :bouncing:

Plook - 27-12-2023 at 17:50

Happy New Year Tinkamok, I trust you had a Merry Christmas my friend.

Plook - 31-12-2023 at 14:33

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and may you prosper in 2024...:)

Today is 12/31/23 123123...:cool:

Eddie RUKidding - 31-12-2023 at 18:52

Happy new year Plook and everyone in Packard land :D

Plook - 31-12-2023 at 22:40

And the goose...:grin:

polydigm - 1-1-2024 at 00:02

Plook, that’s what Eddie meant. Anyway, I hope you’re having a good one.

Plook - 6-1-2024 at 00:52

Hey I'm an idiot, but I try, I should at least get a participation award...:freak:

Plook - 6-1-2024 at 01:13

It’s a Plook on Tour New Years Wrap-up

On 12/31/23 (that is 123123)…:drums:

My day sounds like Ray Liotta’s character Henry Hill when he had his ridiculously busy day…:lol:

Started the day Golfing at the butt crack of dawn it was cold, moist and misty…:guitar:

Hit an awesome shot on hole #2…:bouncing:

Saw this big Blue heron on hole #3…:cool:

Came home cooked the meet, chopped the vegetables, and started the chili…:)

We had boxes and stuff all over the house so we had to clean everything up including the garage which was stacked, the room needed some pictures hung, we threw it together quick…:bouncy:

We had our wedding decoration on the Christmas Tree…:shy:

Snacks on the table…:roll:

Chile was done to perfection…:kiss:

Karaoke TV was fired up…:guitar2:

:singer:...Bonus points if you can guess what performer is on and triple bonus if you guess which song...:shocked:

Had a fire outback on a cool night…:-*

Now for 2023 bonus coverage…:offtopic:

Surf in Half Moon Bay (2 hours from Plook Palace) a couple days before NYE…:wow:

We were trying to decide what built this nest at a cell site we were surveying at work with a drone…:shocked:

There was only one possible answer…;)

Site survey for a 2024 Project at Space X…:cool:

That’s All Folks!!!

Eddie RUKidding - 6-1-2024 at 01:21

Performer Zappa, Song Elvis has Left the Building?? :biggrin:

Plook - 6-1-2024 at 02:15

Eddie RUKidding - 6-1-2024 at 04:36

Maybe it was his underpants that made you laugh


A pair of unwashed briefs belonging to Elvis Presley - they were worn by Presley under one of his jump suits in 1977 and were chosen because the singer never wanted lines visible through his jumps suits

Plook - 6-1-2024 at 15:37

The stains are a little disturbing and how to you get those authenticated...:lol:

Eddie RUKidding - 6-1-2024 at 19:21

I'm sure Frank could have done a song about how and why :biggrin:

Maybe those underpants also "mark" the tipping point for Global Warming......

Plook - 8-1-2024 at 03:53

I smell a lawsuit coming...:lol:

Eddie RUKidding - 8-1-2024 at 04:45

Be sure to wear a Gas Mask :bouncing:

polydigm - 8-1-2024 at 08:55

Quote: Originally posted by Plook  
Hey I'm an idiot, but I try, I should at least get a participation award...:freak:
Nobody here thinks you're an idiot, least of all me, you idiot!

Plook - 8-1-2024 at 18:23


Eddie RUKidding - 8-1-2024 at 19:37

Interesting comparisons below (Katy Perry lol, Britney not so surprising)
What was Frank Zappa's IQ?
In contrast, consider Einstein was 160, Katy Perry is 107, Da Vinci was 220, John F. Kennedy was 119, George Washington was 118, Rush Limbaugh is 137, Oprah Winfrey is 150, Bill Gates is 160, Madonna is 140, Frank Zappa is 172, Britney Spears is 92 and Obama is 130.

Like to know who they worked out DA Vinci- no doubt one of the greatest minds ever but..........

Plook - 8-1-2024 at 22:06

Mine would be up there but I can't spell IQ or Frank Zappa correctly...:lol:

Eddie RUKidding - 8-1-2024 at 22:17

Saame Heaar :devil:

Was that Gail or Jail Zappa :cool:

Plook - 8-1-2024 at 22:32

BTW Poly made me do a spit check on my coffee when I read his post this morning...:forumsmiley40:

Eddie RUKidding - 9-1-2024 at 01:14

Good Old Poly :biggrin:

polydigm - 9-1-2024 at 02:46

My work is done here!

Eddie RUKidding - 9-1-2024 at 03:10

Seriously on a Zappa Forum :bald:

polydigm - 11-1-2024 at 14:32

My last comment was a follow up to Plook’s spit check comment, I was certainly not being serious.

The irony of that Zappa song is that nobody on this planet took themselves more seriously than Zappa. If not, there would be no Zappa.

Plook - 11-1-2024 at 15:23

That is true and in a way ironic...:verycool:

Eddie RUKidding - 11-1-2024 at 19:10

Plus Plus on that one. Maybe Zappa needed the release from composing things like Dupree's Paradise and Herb &Mo's Vacation (which of course the title was a dig at Herb Cohen & Mo Austin).

But he had also done zanny tracks from way back in Studio Z :cool:

polydigm - 17-1-2024 at 04:50

Well, according to FZ, it was all the same, whatever the genre he was writing. I'm inclined to agree as I feel the same way about my own music. The problem with current pop is that it is just bland, over produced shit. You can't say that about songs like Should We Take Ourselves Seriously. These days the entire music industry is caught up with bland, over produced shit. Back in the seventies it had to share equal space with bands like Ayers Rock, Mackenzies Theory, Galapagos Duck, Crossfire et al. Of course there are a lot of pop type bands with tolerable music, but they can't get music business contracts so they're doing it hard, self publishing or whatever.

Eddie RUKidding - 17-1-2024 at 09:44

^ Agreed, Love Ayers Rock & Mackenzies Theory (with Barry and the Zappa connection). Don;t know much about, Galapagos Duck (heard of them thats all or Crossfire.........

Plook - 20-1-2024 at 02:40

It’s a Plook on Tour Golf & Stuff

Went golfing 2 weeks ago and we had a 2 ½ hour frost delay, the drive was clear and cold at dawn…:guitar2:

Golf Henge was aligned…:alien8:


Then the sun came out and it was nice…:)

I made a Taco Omelet it came out good…:drums:

Last week there was no frost delay but it never got out of the low 40’s…:wow:

A heron was sunning in the sand trap on a par 3…:cool:

Winnie is trying to figure out what is going on next door…:grin:

While Minnie snuck into my golf bag pulled out all the practices balls and found a couple she wanted…:lol:

I found this picture of downtown Los Angeles when I flew there in September…:cool:

And finally for some humor…:lol:

Plook - 1-2-2024 at 20:44

Dam, it is official I am getting sacked March 29th unless I can find another position in the company...:(

BBP - 1-2-2024 at 22:15

Damn, sorry to hear that, Plook...

polydigm - 3-2-2024 at 13:33

The loyalty that is taken for granted and not reciprocated. Fuck these people.

Plook - 5-2-2024 at 18:31

We got walloped by the atmospheric river 730,000 people lost power in Nor Cal my power was off for 14 hours the longest by far since i moved into the house nearly 23 years ago. So Cal is in a state of emergency most schools are closed most business's too, but through it all Starbucks is open and everyone was there getting coffee this morning...:lol:

Eddie RUKidding - 5-2-2024 at 19:30

Good old Starbucks- sounds like they made a buck or two lol

Would be scary if people could not get there coffee, Zombie Apocalypse :freak:

polydigm - 5-2-2024 at 23:07

On Dec 11 2023 we had a storm here early morning and our power was out for fifteen and a half hours. A stressful experience, but 5G internet was still available and my laptop has a super battery life, so it wasn't too bad. Plus of course my musical instrument practice doesn't require electricity, well, until it gets dark. A lot of people in South Australia lost their power for than 24 hours - that would test me, no doubt.

Plook - 6-2-2024 at 02:13

Internet was down too and the cell towers went into conserve mode so you could not hit the internet on your phone.

I had a fence down that I had to fix went to Lowes and it seemed like everyone was buying material to fix a fence.

Pool was loaded with tree debris and front and side yards were covered so I cleaned them all.

Someone about 5 streets up from my street was killed by a falling tree and Kats daughters friend and her mother were driving and a tree fell on the back of their brand new SUV fortunately they were unhurt.

The mountains got 5 feet of snow overnight and we got 3 inches of rain in about 4 hours.

So Cal got ripped also and they declared a state of emergency and put out a stay home order to allow clean up crews to do their thing.

The spark arrestor got ripped off the top of my chimney and anything that wasn't nailed down was going for a ride.

My dog Minnie isn't scared of anything she wanted out to investigate every noise, Kat said it is the only dog she every saw that ran towards

Poor Winnie has PTSD and it was so sad how frightened she was, I had to get on the floor and hug her for some time and it ain't easy for this old man to get on the floor or get back up for that matter...:lol:

polydigm - 6-2-2024 at 03:22

Our storm did do a lot of damage, but luckily very little near me. For the previous equally massive one, I had to make a significant insurance claim for damage to our back veranda, but on no occasion, Plook, have I been through what you describe.

Plook - 6-2-2024 at 18:46

We may no longer be able to get insurance in California after this, many insurance companies dropped out and most will not insure people in certain areas especially fire prone areas. I herd they expect that damages across the state will reach 12 Billion...:shocked:

Plook - 10-2-2024 at 02:47

It's Flash Back Friday....:shocked:

Dust off the Pirate Ship...:drums:

Get suited up...:guitar2:

OH Yeah....:guitar:

Eddie RUKidding - 10-2-2024 at 04:39

But its Saturday here :cool:

Plook - 11-2-2024 at 02:46

You can be a pirate of Saturday too, it's in the rule book...:kiss:

Eddie RUKidding - 11-2-2024 at 08:49

I'm taking notes :cool:

Plook - 14-2-2024 at 20:04

Happy Valentines Day to all our friends at the Goose from Plook and Kat...:kiss:

BBP - 14-2-2024 at 22:08

Valentine, from the feeling-bad-about-yourself single time I progressed to actually looking forward to it when BF and I hooked up, and now eight years on I'm happy we agreed that we're not going to do anything about it this year. Love ya, sweetie.

Plook - 15-2-2024 at 00:49

I made Kat a card with pictures from our travels over the last 5 1/2 years, it ended up being a small book...:lol:

Fun Fact - We saw Dweezil it was almost his last show with the Zappa Plays Zappa band in San Francisco in 2020 right before the Pandemic, the show was February 13th and we stayed for Valentines Day on the 14th (4 years ago today) it was a great time.

When driving back on the 15th I had the local news radio on since they have traffic reports every 10 minutes which helps one reroute in case of big back-ups, but I digress...a story came on the news talking about a flu in China from a Bat that was killing people at a high rate and I told Kat this sounds like the movie Contagion and this could be serious, she had never seen the movie.

When we got back since she never saw the movie we watched it and she said "Are you trying to scare me..." well the that turned out to be prophetic and the takeaway is we all were lucky their wasn't a pig in the lineage of the Covid 19...:freak:

Eddie RUKidding - 15-2-2024 at 01:38

Scary times- at least you got to see Dweezil

Henry - 15-2-2024 at 22:51

A survey:

On Valentine's Day if you could choose between a romantic night out with your partner or a round of golf with your friends followed by a few beers and a curry what would you go for?

A) Chicken Massala

B) Rogan Josh

C) Lamb madras

D) Sag aloo

Eddie RUKidding - 15-2-2024 at 23:35

Chiko Roll for me :biggrin:

Plook - 16-2-2024 at 02:23

Can I pick all that apply...:lol:

I have done one to many corporate trainings...:freak:

Stay tuned for a BIG Announcement...:drums:

Plook - 16-2-2024 at 22:36

Remember to watch for the Friday Announcement

What a minute...We have a preview


Plook - 17-2-2024 at 02:35

Here it comes...:drums:

I got the call Wednesday that am being offered a position with my current company working on determining the scope of projects that will run through at least August and possibly longer with the ability to apply for positions as requisition become available on the Career Hub at work.

Apparently my Line Manager from a few years ago herd I was getting cut loose and he is the Director for this Project that is a $14 Billion contract over 5 yerars...:shocked:

Since its Friday we better breakout the Pirate Ship...:guitar:

Get suited up for some Jellyfish Honey Badger Wrestling...:guitar2:

Oh Yeah...:bouncy:

polydigm - 17-2-2024 at 14:22

Great stuff Plook!! Excellent news!!

BBP - 17-2-2024 at 17:21

Nice hgoing, Plook!

Eddie RUKidding - 17-2-2024 at 19:38

Good news Plook, Cream always floats to the top and I'm not talking Eric or Ginger here maybe Jack thou :D

Plook - 19-2-2024 at 18:24

Had to get on a Teams Meeting at 6:30 am Pacific Time to meet the trainees that will replace myself and my counterpart.

We have 4 weeks to train them...:shocked:

But they want us to try and do it in 2...:lol:

Yes lets impart over 20 years of knowledge in 2 weeks...:freak:

Eddie RUKidding - 19-2-2024 at 19:43

it will take at least 40 years :biggrin:

My replacement at AWMA, since I retired and now are part time casual has no experience and has come from managing the local Cohuna hardware store- I give him 4 weeks before he quits. Best of all I work remote 500Km away and don't have to train him :biggrin:

Plook - 21-2-2024 at 01:05

I received my extension letter it gives 08/23/24 as my extension date, I received a request from a manager to apply for a Construction Manager position.

The Director for the IBS where I have been working in the company found out Monday I was not being retained in my current position when he contacted me yesterday to participate in helping his assistance with a Process Flow Chart to present to a major Customer.

While working with his gal today she mentioned that he contacted some people to see if I can get retained because he suspects that I will be needed when the $14 Billion project gets going.

Will see where I land the CM job has travel in it and I am not sure I want to go back on the road, I need to think that one through.

Eddie RUKidding - 21-2-2024 at 01:27

Sounds better Plook

Plook - 22-2-2024 at 02:36

They have me working my ass off at the salt mines, it is nuts...:forumsmiley127:

Plook - 22-2-2024 at 22:28

My week at work doing to many roles...:drums:

Eddie RUKidding - 22-2-2024 at 22:30

watch out for the dogs :devil:

Plook - 23-2-2024 at 00:43

Now I know what I have to look forward too tomorrow...:lol:

Eddie RUKidding - 23-2-2024 at 22:00

At least your quick:mad:

Plook - 24-2-2024 at 01:21

Over did that jump a bit, but I stuck the landing...:lol:

Plook - 24-2-2024 at 02:55

Its Friday Night and the Moon is Full...:grin:

The Jellyfish are active...:kiss:

The Pirate Ship is ready...:drums:

Gather the Crew...:guitar2:

Where's the Captain...:guitar:

Yes I have been working on my abs...:lol:

It's Friday Night Jellyfish Honey Badger Wrestling Time....:shocked:

Eddie RUKidding - 24-2-2024 at 11:34

Your gunna need a bigger boat :freak:

Plook - 24-2-2024 at 18:45

Kat got some bad news about family stuff so the boat never left the dock...:(

Eddie RUKidding - 24-2-2024 at 21:11

Sorry to hear Plook, our dock is dry these days :D

Plook - 26-2-2024 at 22:54

Its getting worked out, a little inner family conflict which Kat is summoned on for her input...:freak:

You and Mrs. E need to scrape the barnacles off the hull it get sea worthy...;)

Eddie RUKidding - 27-2-2024 at 03:19

Need to play Ship Ahoy to Mrs Eddie

Plook - 28-2-2024 at 01:31

Eddie you need to pull up in this...:guitar2:

Eddie RUKidding - 28-2-2024 at 06:55

Mrs just had Lobster for lunch- so who knows :grin:

Plook - 28-2-2024 at 18:50

Did you get the Lobster at the beach or was it from the Haven or Bliss...:grin:

Eddie RUKidding - 28-2-2024 at 21:19

Was from the Pub for lunch :drool:

Plook - 1-3-2024 at 00:31

Eddie that is one small town but it is awesome!

Eddie RUKidding - 1-3-2024 at 01:21

Yep Kingston is great but check out Nora Creina - I would like to buy a shack there but is like secret business to buy there, sort of a undercover Byron Bay!,_South_Australia

Plook - 2-3-2024 at 02:13

Laying low tonight and keeping the ship docked...:freak:

polydigm - 3-3-2024 at 03:08

Hey Eddie, I've lived in South Australia since 1961 and when I was a kid, with my family, visited Robe, Kingston and across the border Portland. I've never heard of Nora Creina. I would be wary of having anything to do with a community that feels that self entitled.

Eddie RUKidding - 3-3-2024 at 23:36

Nora Creina is fine and has been there for 60 years- I'm from Horsham originally and have been coming to Robe- kingston area for over 50 years., also is where Gavin Wanganeen lives.

Plook - 5-3-2024 at 21:45

I may need to head out to Nora Creina...:grin:

Eddie RUKidding - 5-3-2024 at 22:19

Its a very nice piece of beach, plus there is are nudist resorts a little further down the coast on Bog Lane :shy:
1107 Bog Lane, Nora Creina, SA, Australia, South Australia

Plook - 6-3-2024 at 02:32

Oh crap, I can't unsee that...:lol:

Eddie RUKidding - 6-3-2024 at 05:21

you mean the Robe/ DisRobe sign :cool:

Plook - 7-3-2024 at 16:33

I was offered the Northwest Senior Construction Manager position and I applied, I have already been contacted 3 times in two days to answer questions. I have not been interviewed yet but I am sure that is coming soon.

I was not thrilled about this due to going back to traveling a lot (up to 50% travel), but the pay is more, the range varies between $5000 to $30,000 more than I make now...:shocked:

That concerns me since it probably relates to increased heartburn...:lol:

I was immediately told to take a training for how to perform some of the tasks in our master data base that a CM must perform.

It amounted to a shitload of data entree responsibilities that was immediately depressing to considerer...:mad:

I just keep remembering it is only for a few more years and I can apply for another position later if I sour on it...:verycool:

Eddie RUKidding - 7-3-2024 at 22:21

Keep your chin up Plook, yep I don't miss travel for work it does suck was 50% of my time when I worked for Tyco Water /Pentair- only benefit was that I got to travel to New Zealand quite a bit. particularly the south Island which is nice place.

Plook - 9-3-2024 at 00:20

I got an call this morning and my interview is Monday morning...:guitar2:

Eddie RUKidding - 9-3-2024 at 00:43

Well done Plook :bouncing:

polydigm - 14-3-2024 at 01:21

My point about Nora Creina is that these people have managed to put up a significant private property barrier to prevent access to a significant stretch of coast. A lot of people have come to see the beach and have been put off by a locked gate. I'm just not good with self entitlement.

Eddie RUKidding - 14-3-2024 at 01:31

Understood Poly but these days the gate is left unlocked with a sign saying entry is permitted and there is a separate access track to the beach- which myself and Mrs Eddie used the other day.

Its not a lot different to a lot of beach sections on Sydney Harbour or elsewhere in the country

Plook - 15-3-2024 at 17:21

A similar situation occurred in Malibu California a few of decades ago, the rich and famous had erected barriers to keep the common folk from encroaching onto the beaches in front of their homes.

This lead to the State of California creating a beach access rule to allow the public to be able to get too the ocean, I am not sure of the details but there must be access points every so many feet or some distance (maybe ever quarter mile something like that).

Many beach communities besides Malibu had the homes and fences situated so one could not get to the beach there without circumnavigating a great distance (as surfers we often made the hike if the waves were good...dam surf rats), the easements were created to create a pathway to the beach.

That was when Frank wrote Let Me Take You To The Beach....:lol:

Eddie RUKidding - 15-3-2024 at 21:06

That song is so Dandy :shy:

Plook - 16-3-2024 at 01:32

It's Your Weekend Update...:drums:

Had my interview Monday and it went well may not find out for sure for a couple weeks due to the amount of candidates...:grin:

They really liked my resume I ran it through AI and that shit is awesome check it out...:roll:

I saw my Cardiologist...Yesterday he said all my heart problems are so far away now it looks like I am here to stay...:guitar2:

So much good news we should break out the ship...:shocked:

Now I need to find a Jellyfish Mermaid Pirate Girl...:guitar:

Mother Mary and Joseph I need a lab to mix this up...:forumsmiley145:

Eddie RUKidding - 16-3-2024 at 06:13

Good stuff Plook, let me know if you find the Jellyfish Mermaid Pirate Girl secret :cool:

Henry - 17-3-2024 at 00:13

There seems to be an issue in Aus as well as NZ about access to land. It is pretty poor in the UK but seemingly worse in Antipodea.

Eddie RUKidding - 17-3-2024 at 02:04

There is still access to vast tracts of public land here which suit the Grey Nomad caravaners free camping on there trips around Oz, so can't complain too much:lol:

polydigm - 22-3-2024 at 01:33

I don't think it's worse here. There are certain exclusive areas, mostly around Sydney that are problematic, but as Eddie says,
access to coast line is mostly pretty free. You can't just camp anywhere you want, but that's true in the UK and Europe.
And Nora Creina is in the middle of nowhere, so it doesn't matter that much, but there's a lot more contention in those
Sydney areas, not so much in the middle of nowhere.

Jeez I hate that - having to think about saying the UK and Europe. Although, to be fair, there are varying issues from
country to country within the EU.

Special Plea!!

Can you guys stop posting such huge pictures as it really messes with the page on this web site.

I had to insert new lines into the first paragraph, which was literally on one line beforehand and just ridiculous to read.

polydigm - 22-3-2024 at 02:05

Hey, I figured it out. Eddie's Robe/Disrobe picture above is 3024 x 4032, which is huge, so you type the image code as follows, but using square brackets of course:


And you get this:

Eddie RUKidding - 22-3-2024 at 11:12

Careful you will burn Plooks eyes out again :biggrin:

Plook - 22-3-2024 at 20:49

To late...:lol:

Plook - 22-3-2024 at 20:51

OMG I am in training for scoping radio sites for mobile phones and I am pretty sure I if I owned a gun I would shot myself...:lol:

This is going to be a painful transition...:(

Henry - 23-3-2024 at 11:30

Quote: Originally posted by Plook  
OMG I am in training for scoping radio sites for mobile phones and I am pretty sure I if I owned a gun I would shot myself...:lol:

This is going to be a painful transition...:(

That sounds like a curious job Plook. You must be in the CIA.:cool:

polydigm - 26-3-2024 at 00:44

Quote: Originally posted by Eddie RUKidding  
Careful you will burn Plooks eyes out again :biggrin:
Are you going to go back and edit that post? All you have to do is replace [img] with [img=600x800]. For future reference, all you have to do is find out the resolution of the picture you want to post and use an appropriately scaled size for it. Your one here is 3032 x 4048, which is why I used a 3:4 ratio of 600x800.

Plook - 26-3-2024 at 01:09

True story we were working at the main west coast hub for the internet coming from the far east when the site technician discovered the splice by the NSA and that it was located where they could gather domestic side not just the international traffic.

There is a great show about this on PBS from 2009 called The Spy Factory. After the set up about the cause, terrorism, it gives a good look at internet backbone which I worked on for 10 years.

The last 13 years I have been working in the mobile device end, started on CORE which is internet backbone for mobile phones that lasted 7 years. Since I worked with Radio Base Sites (Cell Towers, etc.), Small Cell which is replacing WiFi out doors, In-Building which is replacing WiFi indoors, Private Networks which is an indoor cell solution for business's, and now they are shipping me off to Material Ordering.

A total waste of my expertise and something I do not like or want to do, but it may be the only way to keep my job for a couple more years until I retire.

I did apply internally for a Senior Construction Manager job for the Pacific Northwest that I have not heard back about, it pays substantially more, but it brings with it a lot more heartburn and going back on the road which I did for more than 15 years with 7 years being constantly gone as the Plook on Tour readers know well.

Well I said to much motivated by great disappointment...:freak:

When I started...:shocked:


Eddie RUKidding - 26-3-2024 at 01:16

when did it all start to go wrong Plook- I hate Aps they do my head in :devil:

Plook - 27-3-2024 at 00:07

For me when they decided to off shore a bunch of positions, the only reason I was affected was due to me and some others being moved under that groups umbrella about 2 1/2 years ago...When I brought that up it was said to me that I was "on a ship that was sailing and I needed to get off". That is proving much more difficult than I imagined, I am just trying to survive until August for now.

Eddie RUKidding - 27-3-2024 at 00:34

Seems like hard times in the US.

We are largely not affected by the economic downturn in Oz (so far) my son however works out of Adelaide in Cyber Security for a Norwegian company that seems to not be making the money they want and is enforcing - must take accursed annual leave and only travel when approved by CEO requirements on employees- sounds like a lead up to selling the company.

I'm just glad to be semi retired, although I worked 30 hours last week and will be similar this week- and its cutting in on my Zappa listening and guitar playing time :D

Plook - 30-3-2024 at 00:53

Well I survived another week of Scoping Training and my brain feels like this...:lol:

I would like to break out the Pirate Ship but Kat is a little under the weather so she be staying docked...:lol:

The Jellyfish sleeps tonight...;)

polydigm - 30-3-2024 at 09:51

I love that machine gif.

Plook - 30-3-2024 at 19:39

LOL...Poly I ended up staring at it for a long time, it is something...:lol:

Eddie RUKidding - 30-3-2024 at 22:45

It makes my brain hurt lol
I'm sure an economist would say its non optimal :D

Plook - 5-4-2024 at 20:26

It's Your Friday Update....:singer:

Kat went back to work after going to urgent care and staying home all week...:grin:

I started a new job Monday, as I said I was working in BOM (Bill Of Material) creation which was not a good fit for me because I do not know all the different material (there are over 6000 items on one of the 3 lists we use) I complained last week (after 2 weeks of training) that I am familiar with the material but I don't know a CEQ.328861 TMA Amplifier from a CEQ.328862 TMA Amplifier...:puzzled:

I am now in SAQ (Site Acquisition) where we assess the site for the new scope of work, this I can do and I actually turned in 3 sites this week already....:guitar2:

The problem is two fold, one the director wants certain production levels regardless of issues with the site documentation and the shortfalls of the drone photos he is basically running a salt mine...:umm:

At least the process flow is less complex...:lol:

I should be good till my next pre-selected termination date of August, at least that gives me time to cook up another job saver....:drums:

Eddie RUKidding - 5-4-2024 at 21:29

Maybe you could geta job doing process flow diagrams or charge money per view of a Plook Blog lol

PS we have some else looking to buy the Cohuna house, after the last lot got scared off by the neighbours but this lot don't want to settle until September (maybe they are OZ rules football fans :shy: - Poly will get it)
So will see and definitely get a non refundable deposit if it goes thru.
PPS apparently this lot noticed the bogan neighbours but loves the house and kitchen so much that the wife said to the real estate agent- "Oh it will be ok I will just smile and wave to them" :bouncing:

Plook - 6-4-2024 at 19:50

Eddie I have been known to flow...:lol:

Maybe I can get Bonny to monetize my posts...:D

Great news hopefully you found someone willing to put with those POS's next door...:grin:

Eddie RUKidding - 6-4-2024 at 20:04

Thanks Plook the Bogans are a tough act to follow- was thinking I could sell a script to the producers of Housos- I have a mate in Darwin who is a friend of Paul Fenech (producer of Housos) lol
Example below

Plook - 13-4-2024 at 21:56

The Week That Was Update!

The good news is I am doing well in the Site Acquisition position, it is very complex but I am really good at analyzing cell sites and determining what the scope of work will be... :forumsmiley238:

The bad news is I found out Thursday I did not get the Senior Construction Manager position I had applied for internally, well everyone thought I was the most qualified person there were probably others that were equal too or slightly lesser but younger...I am pretty sure I got aged out for the position, very disappointing...:forumsmiley153:

The upside is I have until the end of August to find another position or prove that I am good enough at Site Acquisition to keep me on, all I can do is keep on rockin'...:guitar:...and hang in there...:forumsmiley288: